Monday, June 29, 2009

Win a Trip to Old Trafford, Manchester with SMIRNOFF!!

The SMIRNOFF® name has long been associated with premium-quality vodka. Today, SMIRNOFF® is the world’s leading premium distilled spirit and vodka brand with distribution in 130 countries and a number of innovative products, including SMIRNOFF® ICE, the world’s leading ready-to-drink alcohol beverage, and the SMIRNOFF® line of flavoured vodkas.

Just recently, SMIRNOFF® launched its limited edition promotional pack design which celebrates the partnership with Manchester United as the official spirits partner and official responsible drinking partner.

A launch party was held @ Quattro on the 18th of June 2009 to mark its launch here in Malaysia. I was quite excited when i knew about this and called a few friends along to attend this event.

An amount of 200 invited guests were there to witness the launch of the new limited edition promotional pack representing 2 of the most well known names in the world.

Drinks were served and a series of foosball and football knock-out challenges were organised where some of the guests won some SMIRNOFF® and Manchester United merchandises. Awesome!

Anyways, here is the main point of this post.

Winning a trip to Old Trafford!!

SMIRNOFF® 21, this special limited promotional pack will be featuring four of Manchester United’s top players.

To participate, consumers need to purchase the new SMIRNOFF® Limited Edition Promotional Pack which is available in Malaysia with a total amount of 12,000 bottles only, selling at a recommended retail price of RM160 per 75cl bottle.

There'll be a sticker label on the bottle where you can get your unique contest code.

and there're 2 methods on how you can join in the contest.

Method 1 - via website

1. Log on to website: and submit your personal details and the contest code to gain access
2. Name the 4 football players, whose faces are printed on the bottle.
3. Share in maximum 25 words, how you will celebrate with SMIRNOFF.

Method 2: Via SMS

SMS the contest code, your name, NRIC number, names of the 4 ManUtd players, and how you celebrate with Smirnoff in 25 words or less to 36300
Eg : SMIRNOFF 123456 JOSHUAONGYS 790423XXXXXX Name 1 Name 2 Name 3 Name 4 I celebrate with SMIRNOFF by sharing it with my friends during soccer match

Note :
For those who opt to participate via SMS, they also stand the chance to win attractive weekly prizes, including Manchester United Malaysia Tour match tickets, Manchester United Jerseys and Caps, laptops, MP3 Players, Mobile phones, and Digital Cameras!

What do you think about the contest after reading what i've wrote?

I would definitely join in this contest!! If i have money to get the bottles. =X

I'm sure many of you out there are not as pathetic as me and is capable in getting the bottles bah!!

So to those who're joining in this contest, ALL THE BEST!!
*Terms and conditions apply. Please check the contest entry guide available on the SMIRNOFF Red Devil pack for more information.

If you happen to be the lucky winner and came across this specific blog post, i wish that you'll not go through what i've gone through watching Liverpool thrashing Manchester United early this year. =(

and NO, the girls in the pictures above won't be accompanying you to Old Trafford. =)

This competition is valid from now till 30 September 2009 so GO GO GO!!
*do leave a comment here if you have further questions and i'll try my best to answer.


Isaac Wong said...

Bloody hell! How come I wasn't aware of the launch! :( I missed it big time.

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

is it two tickets???? i want them!

joshuaongys said...

> Isaac Wong : there're lots of events around la hahaha nobody can fully track all events and know all of it le =)

> Linora 'Aronil' Low : yeh winner gets 2 tix =D

akkmutd said...

Even IF the girls would accompany the winner, I would still prefer the russian Smirnoff girls...

Hi Joshua, how are you? I'm Andrew the terrorist from the Mamee trip. Stumbled upon when surfing the net and I was shocked that you're a blogger! After going through all the pictures, damn I missed it so much: The weather, the twin-sized bed (I supposed), the food, the streets, the buildings, the statues, the scenaries and etc. Well, in order to re-live those memories again.. keke..

My mate and I got ourselves an opportunity to winning the trip via this competition. Hopefully one of us can win. Although it is a very slim chance, but a chance is still a chance! I bet the 1st prize Mamee winner will have a go at it again! Arghhh... =.="

Anyway nice to meet you 'here' and I'm favourit-ing your blog page now.. Peace and cheers,

joshuaongys said...

> akkmutd : HAHAHAHAHAH i'm fine la terrorist =D the bed is the best!!!! oh i don't have money this time though to get the bottles and join in the contest.. all the best to you and haha if the 1st prize guy go again do tell me!!

Thanks and see ya around!!

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