Sunday, June 21, 2009

Insane Saturday

It was totally INSANE!! I started my Saturday with like just 4 hours sleep waking up around 5AM+ to go get my girl all the way from Subang.

To head to one of the most important event in my life.

picture by Nigel.

My Graduation Day. I'm officially very powderful graduating with a Bachelor Of Science Degree don't play play!! ROAR!
*will make a more detail post on this haha

Had an awesome lunch with family as well as my girl. Sorry to the few DGMB-ians as well as some Coursemates that i couldn't go out and hang out with you all after the convocation. =(

Anyways, time was ticking pretty fast and it was already 4PM when we left with a stomach full of food from lunch. Sent the GF back home with limited time for her to get ready as she have a wedding dinner to attend at night.

and AT THE SAME TIME, i have another wedding dinner to attend. LOL. Managed to sent her to the destination on time and headed to my destination for May's wedding.

Had quite a few things to think about throughout the wedding dinner especially when they displayed the specially made video slides/clips. Oh and i attended the wedding with Andrew & Jason. and i found out that i have 2 other friends attending the same wedding. Pretty funny finding it out.

The later night was spent at Zouk for a combine birthday bash of Jessica & Evelyn. Was at Velvet if you're a Zouk regular where at the same time, Edison Chen, Sam Lee was at Zouk Main Room.

and seriously, the amount of people there was like O.O. The queue on all lanes were freaking long even when it's past midnight with lots of females there which i think was there because of the Scandalous Hong Kong Celebrity.

There were more people there compared to when Zouk have their 5th Anniversary!! Crazy earthlings.

If you were wondering, i didn't manage to see either of the FUIYO Hong Kong artist because the event there at Zouk Main Room was an exclusive one. Can't get in and didn't bother much to get in either.

Heard that the girls were staring and idolizing Edison the whole time and Sam Lee's spinning was pretty good.

picture by ChrisTock

Oh and back to the main thing for some what!!?? 30 of us bloggers there for the combined party, there were lots of hilarious scenes!! Evelyn konked out after 2 glass and Jessica was extremely high during the first half of the night acting like Lady Gaga. Making us going Gah Gah Gah Gah the whole night. Haha.

I was happy at the end of the day.

Happy because i finally graduated!!!
Happy because i know May found the love of her life!!
Happy because i attended a freaking funny birthday party!


*oh and i heard that the PJ Challenge Blogger's Karnival at Jaya33 was pretty boring wor. Really? Hmmm.


Jacquelyn Ho said...

so efficient in updating! lol.

where were you throughout the party? dance floor? 'cos didn't see you around in the area we lepaked at

Yatz said...

small dick FTW~!!!
velvet FTW~!!!
drunkards FTW~!!!
phuture FTW~!!!!

Chris Thoo said...

very funny indeed....It's always good to see drunk people..uh...drunk.....hahaha
congratz on the graduation part

CWKen said...

no wonder u friggin blur after the party lol sitll duwan sleep blog sumore LOL dun fall sick man haha

Cathy C said...

Wow,your saturday was pretty occupied huh?

Anyway, congratulation on your graduation! :)

Sue Me said...

so kan cheong ah ur day? i went for the morning session. In May's house then to Vince's house. then church till night..and dinner with kelvin's family..hahahahaha

joshuaongys said...

> Jacquelyn Ho : lol felt like updating mah =D i was all over the place, saw some other frens and etc.

> Yatz : why small dick? lol

> Chris Thoo : lols does dat means u always see people drunk? haha thanks nyways!

> CWKen : haha i wont fall sick so easily la!

> Cathy C : yea just dat specific saturday haha not all! and Thanks!

> Sue Me : ya la! extremely kancheong!! hahaha yea i know u went cuz u sms me hahaha ur day also quite kan cheong ma!

David Cheong said...

lol!!!! ganas =d

joshuaongys said...

> David Cheong : MEMANG PUN!

l a b e l s


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