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College Life & Graduation Day.

*this is a long post. =)

Waking up 2 hours before class starts taking 2 buses before i reach college to attend a lecture/tutorial where most of the times i'll fall asleep in class.There are times where i would overslept in bus and ended up in the middle of KL.

Walking under the hot sun or under the rain and waiting for public transport to get home or college.

It was all tiring, but fun. I could see more things around and ponder upon more stuffs back then.

I entered Tunku Abdul Rahman college in the year 2004. Just after my National Service i started my college life enrolling myself in one of the computer science course.

Few friends made, though not many but we were one heck of a group. I could remember being a good student staying back in college during breaks going to the library or study room during my very first semester.

That was the only semester i was good. xD In the next few semester through out my Diploma course, i started skipping classes going out during breaks, to various YumCha & CC sessions.

YumCha - Going to a nearby drinking place and tok cok.
CC - Going to a Cyber Cafe playing computer games.

It was just the beginning of the DOTA rampage era and that was when i started picking up DOTA. Playing at least 10 games per day every single day with fellow coursemates be it in Cyber Cafes or on Blueserver, a local server that provides a platform for online internet users to play Dota.

The Diploma days was extremely enjoying for me. Me and my coursemates, we will travel all the way to a destination and just hang out there for no reason. Out of the blue.

The above picture was taken when we were having Bak Kut Teh in Johor Bahru. We bunked in one of the coursemate's house and it wasn't even during the semester break.

It was last minute and freaking random. The JB guy, KokHao plan to skip class on Thursday & Friday and head back to his hometown earlier. Then, with no specific reason, a few of us started a MSN chatroom.

Within 20 minutes, we decided to follow him all the way to JB just for the heck of it. Not 1 but 3 cars if i'm not mistaken with more than 10 of us.

What did we do in JB? Eat normal food, Sleep, and go to Cyber Cafe. As if there ain't any of those back in KL. Haha.

Making trips to Seremban to another coursemate's house was fun as well. Same thing. Random, pretty last minute and just for the heck of it.

the most crazy trip we had was going all the way to Kuantan to attend one of our friend's funeral.

It was in the midst of our exam. Some Maths subject i think and we, 3 cars headed all the way to Kuantan in the afternoon after an exam in the morning to attend the funeral service.

Came back in the night the next day where we sat for the next exam paper the day after.

Going to Kajang for its Satay, heading to the cinemas multiple times, Sang from our heart in various SingK sessions looking at the girls who passes by out of the room. That was really some DIPLOMA days for me.

Oh and we do stupid stuffs such as the picture above. Having the same nickname on MSN or replying each other on MSN status.

The bunch of people which includes PengYee, HoongWai, ChinYen, KokHao, BoonPean, YewJoe and etc. You guys rawks!!

However, like what people normally say, time flies and it was just in a blink of an eye i completed my Diploma Course in May 2006. Thank God!

With no certain direction of what to do, i stopped studying for one whole year...

Till 2007... i enrolled myself again, this time in an Advance Diploma Cum Degree course. Information Systems Engineering that is.

My Advance Dip Days were pretty NOT happening. Not like my diploma days as i've said above. Nevertheless, new friends were made with new cliques and such. Though stopped 1 whole year, i manage to get myself back into study mode and attended most of the tutorials.

Yah tutorials but not lectures. Typical Tarc Students if you want to know where we will ask our friends to take attendance for us during lectures.

Falling asleep in class is still what i did most of the times during my adv dip days. Hoped i didn't snore too loud ha.

Anyways, i had my 6 months of industrial training where the company i was in had 2 times of break in & theft case. Must be some "black shop" i assume. Don't wanna further talk about that crappy period.

Unlike my Diploma Days where we will have some last minute random trips to other places, we still have our share of YumCha & Karaoke sessions.

The rest of the story, is just some normal story about a student doing his course. Going to class, Skipping class, Going to exams, Failing and passing the papers and such.

Not much happenings in my college days then as it was 2008. The year i became active stepping my foot into the Malaysian Blogoshpere knowing and mixing more people out of my college.

and FINALLY, i completed my course and it was the graduation day of my Bachelor Degree just last Saturday.

I couldn't be more happier that day. Having mixed feelings all over, i woke up extremely early and headed all the way to Subang to pick the GF up.

My brain was blank the whole journey to Subang.

Good thing that the speeches during the ceremony were pretty short.

One minute, I wasn't even ready, the next minute, i'm already heading up stage to shake hands and get my scroll getting my picture taken by the official photographer.

Headed out to take all the graduation pictures. Pictures that i will treasure. =)

Friends since Diploma Days, ChinYen, HoongWai, YewJoe, Me.

Friends made during Adv Dip days, Eric, King, Swee, Me.

Some random group picture.

and the MOMENT.

For those who've wished me in a previous blog post, through smses, through msn, through facebook. Thank You!

and to Nigel, Kelli, Yatz & David, thanks for coming all the way to attend my graduation. =)

I owe her alot. *Hugs* =)

and i owe them more!! HA!!

and so...

Spending time studying in study room...

Doing stupid stuffs in classes...

Tunku Abdul Rahman College...

and many many more...

I'll be missing those days. ByeBye to that very phase of my life as i'm going to step into the next phase in my life.

and at the end of the post, i just want to tell those whom i've knew during my college days, NICE KNOWING YOU, and i WISH YOU ALL THE BEST IN LIFE!

Wish me all the best too!! xD

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*thanks to Nigel for the graduation pics.


Robb said...

congrats dude for graduating!

eshanz said...

congratz woi !!! HHAHHAHAHAHAHHA....

JenKin Yat said...

hahaha i see 1 sohai in the group pic in front of library..ahhahahahaa

kellster said...


Ewin Ee said...


Xjion89 said...

some good old memories^^

goingkookies said...


Haha.. seriously random outings you had but these will be your memories you'll cherish for life!!

makes me miss student life and feeling nostalgic now...

Dylan said...

congratz dude! :D gud luck to you in the future!

still a long way for me though! ^^

joshuaongys said...

> Robb : tenkiuuuu so mach!!

> eshanz : lol dim gai woi ngo?? dou jeh sai!

> JenKin Yat : define sohai hahahhaha =)

> kellster : and you the woman!

> Ewin Ee : thanks =D

> Xjion89 : thanks thanks hahah it will be good old memories for me in the years to come!!

> goingkookies : yea those random ones rawks the most and i luv it so much.aww, go contact back your frens back then?

> Dylan : thanks there =) and haha dont worry bah, time flies!

Sean Lon said...

congratulations.. i can relate to how u feel. heavy impact of profound memories n reminiscent gd moments.. i m graduating soon. All the best! :D

joshuaongys said...

> Sean Lon : hahahaha u're graduating soon? Good for u!! Congrats!!! xD i guess many ppl can relate to how i feel bah =)

Fumoffu said...

Ahh.. I wonder if I will be as emotional as you or not. I finished my last semester somewhere in December and guess what? My Convo will be next month -- July -- which is next next week! :S

joshuaongys said...

> Fumoffu : i'm not very emotional la haha just that i recalled many stuffs hehe xD ahh CONGRATS TO U IN ADVANCE 1st =)

Myhorng said...

congratulation !!

joshuaongys said...

> Myhorng : thank you! heee

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