Thursday, June 04, 2009

2nd Cheque From Nuffnang

Thanks to Nuffnang!!

Thanks to

Thanks to those who have been reading my lousy blog thus long be it you hate it or love it!! *hugs*

Thanks to my computer, my mouse, my cpu, my monitor, my internet service provider Mr Streamyx which've failed me 10 times continuously last night disconnecting my internet and many many more individuals, organizations, parties esp PAS yay!! =X

Alright, seriously, in 2004 when i started blogging, i NEVER EVER think that i could have earn money through blogging and it was just for the fun of it having a few friends who blog.

It was quite Wow for me when i realize that i could get cash through all this lousy content on my blog. Real Cash that i can spend/save and not those monopoly ones.

The 1st time i got my cheque was back in October last year and i was really thankful. Towards Nuffnang, my readers and of course God as well.

I have no idea how Nuffnang is going on esp. in this year of recession where i hope that they're doing good but one thing i'm sure is they really keep their words in sending out the money to bloggers, ON TIME.

and so, yes this post serve the same purpose with the post i made last year when i get my 1st cheque. A testimonial showing that Nuffnang takes care of the Nuffnangers. Rumours said that Advertlets only takes care/pays of the bigger well-known bloggers such as SP and KBF and not paying the smaller bloggers.

So now, I, Joshua Ong who is a nobody-blogger in Nuffnang is getting a cheque for the 2nd time showing that Nuffnang takes care of every bloggers including the small ones, just like me. xD


So, back to the main point, how much i got this time?

I WISH Lah!!!

Hahahahaha. Thanks Nuffnang.


Serge Norguard said...


if you got that amount .. i want to be your best friend!!~~

curryegg said...

Ahhwww.. so envy... :(
Never get any cheque since last year.. :(

By thee way, JOSH! Don't tell me you get that that.. that.. AMOUNT?

Fumoffu said...

Nice! So envy lerrr... :S

Baldwin said...

lebih U!!!...*lolx

gave me a shock there..80k!!

RealGunners said...

so whose cheque is that? the 80k? hahahaha

joshuaongys said...

> Serge Norguard : what if i get more than that amount? xD

> curryegg : of course i didn't get that amount la!!! LOL but i wish la...

> Fumoffu : no need to envy la, you'll get yours!!

> Baldwin : dont be shock ha its fake, i did not get that much hehe !!

> RealGunners : i cut and paste wan la that's my cheque haha jz edited nia!

Isaac Wong said...

I was stoned when I saw that amount.

wilson said...

woah...if only we could get that amount of 80710.42...anyway, is Adsense working well with your blog?

Melissa said...

for one moment, my heart stopped beating when I saw that amount!

Sean Lon said...

wow!! so jealous.. havent gt my 1st one until now.. u totally deserve it.. u hv hi commitment in yr blog! :D congratz

faradeeba said...

still a new nuffnanger

yours and all other testimonials
inspire me to work harder..

congratz btw

alLets' Lexy said...

o.O 80k.


xox `Lyng` xox said...

congrats! clicked on your ads btw. =D

still havent got mine, am keeping my fingers crossed!

Copykate said...

i got my cheque too! teehee. how much? tell tell! XD

a@ron said...

80k bro?!
hahaha. How much in total actually?

HitoMi^^ said...

so rich liao!! I haven even get first cheque

Chris Thoo said... that i'm feeling blur, i actually got started when i saw that amount until i read the fine thin line after the image.


YewJin said...

i was actually going to close my eyes but when i saw tht number my eyes get bigger haha.

got mine too, today! =)

joshuaongys said...

> Isaac Wong : good that was one of the purpose i edited the picture hehehe

> wilson : if only la if only hahaha there's many if in life xD adsense? so so nia... =(

> Melissa : owh good thing its jz like for one moment, if not then i've kill u indirectly!!

> Sean Lon : you'll get yours soon!! but blogging is not all about money la aite!!

> faradeeba : hahaha well like i said above, blogging is not all about money la, just enjoy blogging and share your life with people around okay? =)

> alLets' Lexy : laugh la laugh =X

> xox `Lyng` xox : owh thanks haha you'll get urs soon!!

> Copykate : how much? sure less than u la ur blog so terror hehehehehe

> a@ron : less than 1k more than 100 =X heeee

> HitoMi^^ : be patience young one! =D

> Chris Thoo : yea basket hahahaha thats the reaction i wan!! hahaha nex time u try to do a flash one to tipu org kekekeke

> YewJin : hope you can sleep tonight and congrats!!! to the both of us xD

guaichaikid said... u get 80k!!! more than kenny sia adi wey...

ewin said...

niceeee nice! good for u!

Shafiq Hakim said...

It may not be 80k, BUT at the bottom left I can see the amount ending with triple zeros AT LEAST. Ehem2 =D

joshuaongys said...

> guaichaikid : ahaha no no even if i get 80k he also earning more than me =D

> ewin : haha thanks =)

> Shafiq Hakim : the bottom dat one is a limit of cash that cant be exceeded when u issue a cheque lar haha

zool said...

I just get Rm66 last week..
Not very much amount but that's enough for blogger which got only 400-500 unique visitor per day..

joshuaongys said...

> zool : GOOD FOR U! =D

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