Friday, April 03, 2009

Zouk's Fantasy Five

It was the 26th of March 2009

Zouk KL turned 5 last week and they threw the biggest party in town that night with lots of fantasies. I have no idea on how did they have the contacts of the people of the other world, but the people at Zouk managed to get some fantasy beings to join in the party celebration Zouk's 5 years old birthday.

I don't know what's their name and where did they came from as i don't speak their language, so i just smile whenever i see them, these beings are quite friendly actually and many earthlings actually did requested to take pictures with them. They're pretty intelligent as well, when they see a cam, they pose immediately which i guess they have such similar electronic devices at their homeland as well.

and and and and....

they camwhore too!!!!!! =X

Yatz was doing his thing being the "crocodile".

we had free flows up till 11pm.

Alright, enough with the fantasies, i was there with a couple of friends/bloggers which include Kelli, Nigel, David, HsuJen, Aaron, Yatz, ShuJian, Thomas, Simon, Fuzz, Ren, Jane, Celine, ChungLern, Stephanie and SoonSeng. If i've left you out then too bad la lolx.

well not all of them mentioned above was in this picture.

Oh and yea, i'm still suspecting that this otherworld fantasy being is Mystique's sister.
*X-Men Mystique.

With such a big name as ZOUK, the birthday party was a pretty kick ass one as well, everyone was wishing Zouk Happy Birthday cheering, shouting and clapping for one of the best night spot in the City of KL.

and so, the DJs + Rappers a.k.a entertainers manage to keep the beat going on and on throughout the night and you can see everyone dancing everywhere ALTHOUGH it's freaking packed in every rooms. People were enjoying themselves!!

Even the beings from the otherworld were enjoying themselves as well, awesome stuffs.

well you can ask Simon or Fuzz if you don't believe what i've said, just look at how enjoy they were. xD

These people could be the witness as well that everyone was enjoying that night but of course, i don't have their contacts. i do wish that i have the contact of the person in.... above.... erm...

Tzusk Tzusk Tzusk like what Ren added on his MSN nick the next day, the night was filled with beats all around the various rooms with people raising their hands dancing under the spotlights.

and guys, you wan these pictures huh?

So, i guess i don't have to emphasize that it was quite a blast during Zouk's 5th Birthday Bash right? I've mentioned it above and there're pictures as evidence!! Those who were there know it best and for those who weren't there, too bad la then xD

and hmm, the guy in the 4th picture above is not Yatz la,
he's Yatz's friend Jason Lee which is in this picture above along with his GF.

and erm...

This is Yatz above on the right hand side and seriously, i do not want to know what is going on between Simon and Yatz. Go ask them yourself k?


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