Friday, April 17, 2009

RM5.60 Breakfast. A Good Start to this weekend?

I woke up, was asleep on a chair, she was beside me. Asleep.

I thought i heard a honk, went out of the room, there's a car out of my house.

Familiar faces were spotted in the car.

All of a sudden, something strike my mind, Oh Shit, ITS TODAY!!! She's getting married today!! to someone else...

and i opened my eyes widely, grabbing my hand phone reading a message from her .Darling.

It was 7.30am... Dang!! I was dreaming... and it's a weird one...


Anyways, i had breakfast after that.

Nasi Lemak - Chicken + Kambing Rendang + Egg

Teh O Ais

So that's my morning for today.

How was yours?


Jen said...

your dream is a sign! faster propose! =P

i had.. milo!

joshuaongys said...

> Jen : lolx what la!!

l a b e l s


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