Monday, April 27, 2009

Fast Update #58 Back to Back

Some say it sucks, Some say it was pretty funny. What can i say? I was definitely LOL when i heard "hi my name is Tony Chow Chee Fai" just now. xD

It was the movie - Sell Out.

Anyone, the bloggers movie meet on Sunday was fun!! Tagging and commenting on Facebook have already started!

it was an awesome day.

Will blog about it soon, very soon, i wish.....

but before that i'm going to re-sit one paper this Thursday.
The paper that will determine i can graduate this term or not.
Pray for me yea? =)


Jan said...

Good luck! you sure can pass ^.^

Mel0dramatic said...

Best of luck brader

joshuaongys said...

> Jan : pass only arh?? lol thx la nyway =D

> Mel0dramatic : thx bro!

l a b e l s


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