Thursday, April 09, 2009

A trip to Putrajaya

We said that we would meet up when she comes back to Malaysia for holidays. and so, on the very last day of March 2009, after some crappy sessions in TARC which wasted a few hours of mine, i headed to Cyberjaya to where she stays.

i reached her place around 5pm plus and was there for a while before we headed out for dinner.

Xi Mut Milk Tea

Curry Mee

Dry Curry Mee

Well, nothing much to fancy about, we headed to a nearby Old Town and had ourselves full by 7PM+. Then, i'll let the pictures do the talking where we headed to a few places @ Putrajaya.

Went to this bridge with a futuristic design and took a bunch of photos there.

sights of the mosque from the bridge.

Took some shaky slow shutter pictures lolx don't laugh ya!!

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4

Take 5

Well actually, it's my first time at Putrajaya and so i was on "tourist" mode taking pictures here and there having multiple shots on a few same spots. Soon, she brought me to the well known Mosque in Putrajaya, which is situated next to the Government buildings.

and i took more shots there.... =X

The pictures were nice right? Aha at least that's what i think bah, and of course, there're lots of fail shots as well which i didn't post it here. Despite the mosquitos welcoming us there with blood sucking mode activated, every other thing was pretty fine with lots of camwhoring process here and there plus us taking pictures of the things around us up down left right everywhere.

Thank God it wasn't raining that night lolx.

and then, after quite some time, we decided to leave the place and she brought me to a second bridge which is totally different from the bridge we've went previously... Futuristic design as well and this time, we're like the owners of the streets wandering freely on the roads... =)

and we took lots of lots of pictures together there as if we're some earthlings who never take pictures before, lolx nobody there mah!!!

This ish da picta i likey most!!

and that was my very last day of March 2009 where i reached home around 1am+. =X
anyhow, it's nice meeting old friends and shared about the stuffs we've been outdated with among us talking and discussing about different matters.

Nice Meeting You again, PEK SAN!!


戏痞三赖 said...

the oldtown u taken dinner with used to be under my juristiction

Andrew said...

gosh!! that's alot of photos!! haha =D craziness.. but the picca that u like.. its pretty cool! hehehe

wan said...

nice pics of the bridge

joshuaongys said...

> 戏痞三赖 : lolx why la?

> Andrew : ahahaha lets go there sometime someday !!

> wan : uh thanks hehe

lala said...

cause during those time 20 oldtown outlets are under my wing so this is one of it...but now no more liao cause resign from there liao..kaka

joshuaongys said...

> lala : ehh lala u're one of the 戏痞三赖 is it?

lala said...

yes the dai ko of

l a b e l s


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