Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Launch of MINT Magazine, JUICE's chinese version MAG.

Just last Friday, i attended the launch of Mint Magazine @ Upstairs at the Loft, Asian Heritage Row. Thanks to Steph K. lolx

We reached there around 8pm+ which is consider early and met up with Ren over there. Queued up for a while and got our chops and drinks coupon. Well pretty normal for a launch event.

and to my surprise, someone tap my shoulder all of a sudden and it was...

ignore my stupid face..

her... Zoe was there with her colleagues. =)

and these are the people i went there with.

Steph, Ren, Jane, Me

Soon the event started with the host coming out giving a brief introduction with a short performance...

陈世安 Andrew, a Malaysian singer who got his fame through a few singing competitions came out later on and performed 2 songs.

Next, there was a few gaming sessions and here are a few pictures taken during the sessions.

Game Session#01

Game Session#02

Game Session#03

Game Session#04

Game Session#05

Game Session#06

Game Session#07

Game Session#08

Game Session#09

Game Session#10

Game Session#11

Game Session#12

Most of the games played were some normal ones like finishing up a bottle of beer in the fastest time, pinning up all the badges on your clothes, making a balloon burst, collecting a few different items in the fastest time and of course, there were prizes for the winners such as sunglasses, beer tower, nike shoes, whole box of carlsberg and the ultimate one was paying a visit to Carlsberg Factory for 10 person. Lolx. Sound familar?

Daniel 李杰汉 with his Malaysian Idol season 2 fame came out and performed 2 songs after the game sessions. Frankly speaking, i don't see anything special in both Andrew and Daniel voice but well, who am i to judge?? Maybe it's the sound man or the PA system. Lolx.

A lucky draw marks the very end of the event with MORE people but not 4 of us winning stuffs back home. Gah. Nothing to say on that. Lolx I've made a video that includes performances from both the singer mentioned above. Hope you enjoy the video bah.

Video of Mint Magazine Launch Event

for 颜微恩 Ngan Mei Yan's fans

this is the guy who won the pass to bring 9 other people to visit Carlsberg Factory. Yes the guy in white xD

so that was a night where i attended a Green Launch and

ended the day with some Bak Kut Teh @ Jalan Ipoh.

Nais. xD
*part of the pictures by Ren

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