Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fast Update #57 Saturday That Was.

Just got back home and bath. It was a crazy Saturday with lots of last minute decisions made.

Heineken Party @ Hap Seng Star Showroom.

Despite the hot sun early in the morning, i had some awesome basketball session which i've been longing for quite some time already. Ate some tasty duck rice for lunch. Took a quick nap and headed to the Heineken Party during the night(which i owe an apology to Jamie). Headed back to a mamak around 12am and had a good time meeting some old friends and the BF of an old friend. Interesting. All of the above told were decisions made at the very last minute. Crazy moments i call these.

but that's not yet the end!!

The best thing of all, i witnessed one of the most awesome come back by Manchester United where the score when from 0-2 to 5-2. Best!! Was super happy then!! haha

Anyways, now, i have to sleep. So till then, thank you bye bye and for those who're coming, see you in a few more hours time.


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