Friday, April 03, 2009

Fast Update #48 On This Saturday

Yet another quickie here. Remember some awesome few minutes of time-stop last year where the peeps @ RA had a massive KL Freeze taking over Pavilion?

and now

Imagine this, a bunch of people each holding a pillow, having pillow fights with each other and the best part is, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT where everyone else around will have their eyes BIG BIG.

and that will happen @ The Curve this very Saturday. For more information, click here.
So, do take a pillow and head over to Curve this Saturday's afternoon and have fun!!
Do ask your friend to join in, lolx, KL people have too much stress!!

and oh yea, for those Nuffnangers who are still scratching their heads figuring out on what to wear to win the ultimate prize this Saturday during the Nuffnang Music Bash, head to Absolut Pitch @ The Summit, Subang. Do Buzz them on 014-643 3401 and they'll get you some kick ass costumes!

This Saturday will be da bomb!! See Ya!! =)

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