Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sugar Anyone?

22 April 2009 - 7.30PM onwards...

It was a night with an interesting topic altogether putting mobile email in the same line as SMS. As much as Gareth's yay to Text100, most of us were very well treated during the session. Make it a double Yay.

Though just an informal session, a few thoughts were shared on the technologies, advantages and drawbacks of mobile email. Something which i've never tried before, considering that i was still a student in the past few years, managing my email accounts on mobile phones don't really applies to me.

So while spamming, email addiction, multiple accounts and some further details on emails were discussed, what caught my attention was this...

one blogger taking out a phone with his fingers pressing some buttons smiling all by himself.

another blogger snapping a picture with his E series handphone...

then a few others having their fingers pressing the keys on their phones...

Soon, Kel Li showed me this...

I should have knew it!! The whole place was filled with frequencies where tweets were exchanged here and there. Now that's technology!!
*i'm expecting someone to come out with a new thing combining twitter, plurk, facebook, msn altogether =D

crazy Malaysian bloggers.
*i want a phone with wifi also la!! sending text to +447624801423 is a bit too expensive =(

Anyways, the later night was spent with a few friends drinking tea and coffee in a Sg Buloh's McD followed by watching the match between Manchester and Portsmouth at Jalan Ipoh.

2-0 YESSSS!!!~



yeh, too much sugar i suppose.
*oh do check out this place Saffron @ Solaris Mont Kiara if you happen to be there, nais.

*thanks David

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