Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Straits Times on Malaysian Blogosphere

It's been a while since the Nuffnang Music Bash 09. Some went back winning something happily, some went back knowing a few more friends, some left with disappointment and some who're like me, went home exhausted.

Anyhow, i was pretty sure that not much people or i would rather say not much Malaysian Bloggers care or know about the whole big picture. The blogosphere we're in at this current time in Malaysia.

All we see is just more and more "tau-geis(small kids)" jumping into the bandwagon day dreaming each day of getting rich and earning money starting a blog and blogging this that left right up down copy pasting stuffs whatever blah blah blah.
*yes i have the right to call u all tau-geis as i've gone though that stage as well BUT i started blogging on a totally different reason 5 years ago. =)

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Oh Kim u're femes again, u're in the papers again hehe =) along with Nicholas Chay & Ginny in the smaller picture above in the image.

and today, New Straits Times had an article posted up with a few Music Bash Picture there as well. I thought that it was quite an interesting article. Some very informative article which many new bloggers do not know. The articles speak about the trend of weblog, the money, blogshops, popularity with blogs, blog portals, and etc.

Most of the stuffs mentioned are some of the preliminary findings by Julian Hopkins, a social anthropologist doing his PHD in Monash University Malaysia. Or for those who attended the Nuffnang Music Bash 09, he is more well known as the happiest guy of that night, Bob Marley.

You should really read the article!! I am actually interested in Julian's findings xD.

Oh and the girl above in the paper is Jolyn. One of the winner that night walking home with an Ipod


here's Julian own list of top 10 Malaysian Blogs. Undeniable! =)


Jolyn Goh said...

Tauge eh.. Sobs..
What is your reason? *ponders*

Kenneth Lee said...

Oh cool... shows bloggers are gaining relevance. :)

joshuaongys said...

> Jolyn Goh : lolx i started becuz i have a few frens who was blogging back then and we read each other blogs where we share the things about our life in our own blogs...

> Kenneth Lee : yeaps but it is exceptionally big in Malaysia =D

julian said...

Wah you're so quick to blog about this! I have to find the time to do it soon. It was interesting being interviewed, but a bit scary - you have not much control over what comes out at the end (as opposed to blogging, for example).

Glad you found it interesting - but I suppose there was nothing much new for you?

Nice new profile pic by the way :)

pinoy2 said...

very cool, they now knew the importance of bloggers... wonderful post...

I'm expecting to that someday I will be in the front page of local or international news paper for a wonderful blog post.


KY said...

wahh i so prouddd :X

joshuaongys said...

> julian : lolx hahaha yea i'm pretty sure its interesting for u especially when you're the one doing the research and stuffs lolx eh but the article published wasnt really edited right??

and yea, u are right, there's nothing much new to me in dat but other bloggers should know about it then. I am more interested in knowing the outcome of your research xD

ahaha thanks there =D

> pinoy2 : lolx malaysian already know the importance of bloggers since the March of 2008 hehehe

ahh that would be great!! but hard haha

> KY : lolx good for u!!

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