Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Morning in Manchester

14 March 2009

It was a fine day. I just spent my night in Manchester and i was all excited waking up the next morning. It was the morning, the morning of the day where one of the biggest game in English Premier League season 2008/2009. The game which have lots of people in shock, especially those who bet lots of money in it.

I washed up and headed to the lobby only to found out that the breakfast time was delayed one hour. Of course, i wasn't the only one who found that out, a few of them were chit chatting at the entrance.

A few pictures were taken and i went out to the streets where i woke up totally thanks to the windy weather that morning. I was still quite sleepy a second before stepping out.

the roads were totally empty at that time, nobody, no vehicles. It was like the scenes in I am Legend. and so, a few of us headed out to the streets to enjoy the breeze out there, walking around snapping pictures here and there.

It was so windy that a moment you could see the clouds and after a while, the clouds were no where to be seen. I was all happy then, with the nice weather and such, i was expecting a good match later in the afternoon.

I love these 2 shots particularly which i took above. A quiet street.

The few of us didn't walk quite far away from the inn we're staying at. We were just at some empty space one street across.

as you can see in the picture above, Andrew who's the guy in the left hand side taking pictures have most of his body covered up and he look like a terrorist there and then. That was how windy/cold!

With Andrew and Abu, we snap loads of pictures with Abu taking recording down some clips.

Loads of photos that is. Enjoy!

While we're there, a few "green head ducks" caught our attention. Yeh green head ducks. A few of them mentioned about the ducks before we headed out for a walk and we were delighted to see them ourselves. As if we've not seen ducks before lolx.

and if you pay attention in this very picture above, you can see that among the ducks, there's one unique one far end in the pic which is different than the others. Immediately, it reminds me of Ugly Duckling if you've watch the cartoon before.

the ducks were swimming further away from us and of course, we tried going nearer crossing the bridge and after a while taking a few pictures, they..

flew off just like that, into the sky.... Ducks flying away.... that's not what you'll normally see in the city of KL. I couldn't even imagine seeing ducks in Sungai Gombak Lolx. Stupid people who polluted the river.

the later minutes were spent with me doing some stupid things

and taking much more pictures...

After staying there for one day, i actually liked the place quite a lot and i wish i have the money to study overseas and stay in such a city, such a place where it's totally different than KL. Much quieter and much simpler. HweiMing must be enjoying himself in Manchester.

these 2 pictures above is nice right? =D

Poser xD

The hour was pretty short for us and soon, it was breakfast time.

and so, i had an English breakfast, something i don't normally do back in Malaysia. Bacons, steam mushrooms, baked beans, eggs, some juice and such, it was all good.

At around 10.30am, the bus came and we were all set to go to Old Trafford.

The Theatre of Dreams that is where we totally didn't imagine of witnessing one of Manchester United biggest lost to Liverpool at home ground in recent years.

to be continue


abuzone said...

can't wait for the next post!!

joshuaongys said...

> abuzone : hahahaha a long way more to go man... xD

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

ei ei lk lk !~~

all looks very familiar !!


i spend there like 2 weeks bfore...

know how 2 walk from Piccadilly train station to old traffod. :P

joshuaongys said...

> 阿棗 陳 Zoe : hahahahhaa an la an la, lek la lek la xD

l a b e l s


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