Saturday, April 25, 2009

List of Attendees for Bloggers Movie Meet 260409



Alright, after the short planning and some awesome response from other bloggers, this is the list compiled thus far. The list of people that will be there tomorrow.
*yes more than 2 response is consider awesome for me xD

1. Linora (and 1 extra person) -
2. Yat -
3. Pamsong (and 1 extra person) -
4. Aaron -
5. Thomas (and 1 extra person) -
6. Kel Li –
7. Nigel –
8. David –
9. Joshua -
10. Stanley -
11. Jess -
12. Chris -
13. Jen -
14. Steph -
15. Mike -
16. Jack -
17. Ewin -
18. Andrew -
19. Nigel Tee -
20. Suresh -
21. Howard -
22. Jan (and 1 extra person) -
23. Jamie Chin -
24. Mel -
25. Alvin -
26. Chung Lern -
27. Steph -

31 people in total.
*there are 13 more bloggers whom have not confirmed their attendance yet. If you're one of them, please check your mail thx.

Here are the details of the meet.

Meet up time/date : 12PM April 26 2009 Sunday
Venue : McD Cineleisure
Movie Time : 2.20PM

*Please be reminded that this is NOT a Nuffnang/Advertlets event, it's an open event where Nuffnang Glitterati/Nuffnang Non-Glitterati/Advertlets Titans/Advertlets Non-Titans bloggers can join, thus this whole thing IS NOT FREE (the food and the movie) as we're not as awesome/powderful as Nuffnang or Advertlets getting free stuffs here and there for everyone. xD

At the end of the day, we're just a few individuals who love meeting new people making new friends every now and then and so yea we're paying the food and the movie ourselves as well and so we do hope that you understand. =)

So, for those who are in the list above, please reach before 1.00pm tomorrow at McD as we'll be collecting the pre-booked tickets around that time. Those who couldn't reach by 1PM but is confirm coming or would like to come last minute can buzz the number below and we'll see what we can do from there.

if you have any further questions, this is the number to call - 013-3977100. Cheers. See ya!!


DiEsE said...

if only they didn't re-schedule the MDG finale... huhuhuhuhuhu...
*i wanna gooooo*

andrew said...

I'll be coming after church ya!! =)

Myhorng said...

too bad i watched.

Swallow said...

ah... sound fun but it is only for blogger?

joshuaongys said...

> DiEsE : nex time kayyy?? huggs!!

> andrew : sure!!

> Myhorng : lolx there's always next time!

> Swallow : its not strictly for bloggers only la, non-blogger also can =)

l a b e l s


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