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PC Fair August 2009 : AVIRA 1-0 KASPERSKY

The most recent PC Fair that was held from 31st July to 2 August 2009 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center happens to be another war scene as well. Despite having the massive 20,000 Malaysians protesting on ISA, the whole event still went on smoothly.

and of course, one of the main attraction in such event along the years are the models/promoters hired by various companies.

For this recent PC Fair in KL, i have friends saying that there aren't that much models/promoters compared to previous PC Fair, but there were more pretty ones this time round. =X

and these girls at Avira Antivirus booth clearly made their way to the most photographed models of the event. If you searched around on Google and browse the few forums that have related pictures posted then you'll know why i said so.

but eh Kaspersky ones weren't any bad compared to Avira ones. Both antivirus booth have nice decent pretty looking girls but why Avira caught more attention? lolx.

What's so special about their product? I really have no idea as i'm using NOD32 Antivirus xD

I would say that the strategically position of the booth plus a higher platform built there managed to do its magic on the crowd and lotsa photographers were clearly heading to that way to snap pictures after pictures......





Okay la i admit that Avira have much more prettier girls on their side.

Perhaps it's Jackie Chan's fault. Some kinda joke from Kaspersky i think. Yah it's his fault la.
and if Avira & Kaspersky were to have an underground war on sales and such in this PC Fair, i think Avira won the war hands down legs down everything down!!

I don't mean to say that the other booths have no pretty looking girls, just not that much only. These 2 girls in the 2 pictures above have good looks also right? =)

and uh oh i didn't know Careen was there working as well. She blogs here. =)


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*all the pictures above were taken and owned by different photographers respectively and if you're the photographer where you would like your picture to be remove from this blog, pls do contact me. =)


Benjamin Chuah said...

hmm, actually i worked as a Kaspersky promoter for this pc fair, and I can tell u kaspersky's sales definitely beat avira hands down XD

although they may have prettier girls, well still, in terms of sales Kaspersky still wins :)

no hard feelings though.

p/s: avira girls are really hawt. lol

joshuaongys said...

> Benjamin Chuah : LOL so u mean that the whole jackie chan campaign actually works? xD LOL and hahah u also say avira girls are hawt leh.. =D

flybee said...

kaspersky sales was great?
honestly,i can see that avira's promoters are more aggressive. i'm atleast approached by their staff in every corner of the Hall.
kaspersky staff?? nah!!! they seems busy talking with each other

Michael Wong said...

kapersky sales good? hey dont bullshit here man!! honestly avira sales much more better..AVIRA no1 antivirus and of coz da hot chicks..haha

Ren said...

eh... the Kaspersky 1, that one is Joey....

Ren said...

Dun argue which sale better lar
Jack Sparrow still the best!!!

Simon Seow said...

It's the uniform, the uniform.

irfan said...

i love too much.ahaha i keep my sight 24 hours to avira chick.dammn horny.LOL

Jasonmumbles said...

Yeah, it's the uniform. Woohoo!

Neo said...

Hands down legs down... but skirts up!

Chew said...

Dint go pc fair this time, wasted man after hearing all my friends saying that this time got lots of hot chicks.

JenKin Yat said...

i like peggy yong yay

Mushiekilla said...

uuuhhmmm....they so hot and pretty!!

joshuaongys said...


> Michael Wong : Same reply as above hahhahaha

> Ren : lei yau sik dak?? lolx owh JACK SPARROW FTW!!

> Simon Seow : lolx aduhai..

> irfan : whoa dat means u stand in front of the booth there the whole time? Salute!!

> Jasonmumbles : AHAHAH you another one!!

> Neo : eh kenod skirts up laa not good lidat cannot kill virus already..

> Chew : LOL hahahahaha well too bad for u xD at least got pictures for u to see hhaha

> JenKin Yat : we all love peggy yong!! xD

> Mushiekilla : you can go save their pictures and print them out xD

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

just a decent one much better than last year but oh well..they are still Malaysian..not power enuff..hehe

mknace said...

cool pic

Wong Haw Han said...

Wow.. these chicks are damn cun man... hope can go and snap some photo as well.

Burn_out said...

no doubt Avira girls were hawt...esp in their lil skimpy nurse outfits...(fantasizing)....but dont u think that most ppl were at avira cos of these girls nothing else? they just wanted a pic with them....

i went into the Kaspersky Kung Fu Virus Lab (didnt look much like a Lab...but Jackie Chan is Apparently their Ambassador)...and man that place was packed! they had some kinda record setting thing going on that time (got my cosair voyager scanned and found 3 viruses that my Avira couldn't detect..yankee sumtin sumtin, konfiker n one more worm32 sumthin...i dont really know...)....anyway...i'm now a kaspersky user...got it cheap wei! 70 bux (anyone realized that there were 5 Kaspersky booths???2 in hall 1, 2 in hall 3 and one in hall 5...) for internet security...and its awesome wei..!

btw...kaspersky girl...the cute one (Joey I think)...She's hotter than the Avira girls...!...but anyone got pix of the LG & Toshiba girls or not??? saw them...damn nice wei!...oh n the Kaspersky Redemtion counter girl...the chinese one...dat one oso not so bad....!

Apple said...

Thanks for the link love.
Kaspersky hired pretty girls too. but IMO, Avira caught more attention because of the girl's sexy outfit and red color is more eye catching then green. :P

The girl in the cosplay is pretty, the face, the costume, and the "weapon"..everything just perfect, IMO.

joshuaongys said...

> Blogger Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ : LOL den which country more pahwer?

> mknace : thanks to the photographers not me! haha

> Wong Haw Han : go snap the nex time!! xD

> Burn_out : yes most ppl were there cuz of the girls i agree and well perhaps kaspersky's sales were better i have no idea lolx so yea i hope u get along with ur new antivirus hahahah

for the photos you want, maybe you can go search about them? =D

> Apple : hahahaha you're most welcome! and KC's photo were good =D totally agree! RED better than Green hahaha

Anonymous said...

Well, I think guys really go for outer appearance. If those gorgeous girls coax u all to buy, i think u all will surely buy...LOL.

joshuaongys said...

> Anonymous : HAHHAHA i dont know about others but for me i won't buy for sure. Cuz i dont have money haha

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