Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Japanese Drama Buzzer Beat Best!!

Along the years i've follow lots of drama/series including the ones produced by the people at Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and US as well. There are different types of storyline with different time line and history background and such. Some i quit watching after a few episodes where some i'll follow closely and i actually find myself really attracted to a certain type of drama/series. The ones that are related to basketball.

MVP 情人 My MVP Valentine

篮球部落 Basketball Tribe

斗牛要不要 Bull Fighting

篮球火 Hot Shot

Other than One Tree Hill which have a span of a few seasons already which i felt lazy to follow from the start, i've watch a few basketball related drama/series which includes the ones shown above where 3 of them are from Taiwan and 1 from China. Lolx

Then, just yesterday, i found this new drama Buzzer Beat from Japan which is related to basketball as well. Immediately i added all the latest 5 episodes into my download list and finished it all today. I actually find this one very interesting with a much better storyline with not-so-fake basketball moves.
*all of the drama shown above have lots of scenes that look extremely fake and the storyline is just so so only.

Do watch the video above about the japanese series Buzzer Beat.

Other than that, there's a very complicated relationship among the characters in this drama. There's this girl who's an artistic person with an ambition being a violinist being in a relationship with the coach but secretly like one of the players. There's this another girl who cheated on his boyfriend sleeping with another player in the same basketball team. Complicated No?

I enjoyed watching the series thus far with more episodes coming out each Monday, yes its not finish yet and i hope there will be more scenes of basketball games though some of the actors sucked in playing lolx but at least the way on how they film it is good and its not THAT fake.

and ah, one of the leading actress in this series, Keiko Kitagawa 北川景子 acted in an international film before!!

acting as Reiko in Tokyo Drift xD.

Well if you're like me who's interested in basketball related drama/series, do try out this one.




Simon Seow said...

Is it a coincident or the title named almost the same as another work by Slamdunk's author, he got another comic name Buzzer Beater after he finished Slamdunk. But in his comic, later the main character will play in wheelchair basketball.

joshuaongys said...

> Simon Seow : ahaha its a diff story la i know dat comic xD

Ewin Ee said...

wah hot

*Ynot said...

wow, how come i never knew abt this!? must be pretty new.

the girl's face looks so different now compared to when she was acting in sailormoon and tokyo drift!

kitx101 said...

interested~ where can download it?

skol said...

nice, how many episode is there? I know it aint fully out yet, but is it a 24 episode or more? Seasons?

joshuaongys said...

> Ewin Ee : hahah hot leh!

> *Ynot : yea consider pretty new HAHa the series was just broadcasted since last month every monday on fujitv, japan tv station that is and WootS! you know she was in sailormoon!! HAHHA

> kitx101 : i download from a forum but you can google and search for live channels to watch it as well =)

> skol : i have no idea weh, i tried to find how many episodes are there but cant find, so far there's 6 episodes hmm

Jimi said...

I wish there is a Slam Dunk version. Sakuragi Hanamichi rock!

joshuaongys said...

> Jimi : hahah if that were to happen they need to pay the author for copyright fees so i think its not likely to happen, i wish so too!

Joshu@law said...

Woot! Pretty Keiko Kitagawa~

joshuaongys said...

> Joshu@law : yeaps!! VERY PRETTY!!!

ps said...

awesome recommendation thank u stinky!

Fumoffu said...

Buzzer Beat, huh?

Will keep that in mind :D

joshuaongys said...

> ps : hahaha go watch it =D

> Fumoffu : yeps, and rmb to watch it heee

Anonymous said...

Thanks For Sharing!!!


joshuaongys said...

> Dante : no probs =D

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