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review on GI Joe The Rise of Cobra

Thanks to UIP, i managed to catch this specific movie 2 days earlier than the official screening day in Malaysia just yesterday night. Asked Hing Swee at the very last hours to the movie meeting up with a few of the close ones at Mid Valley around 9pm.

If you're one of the 1980s babies then i'm quite sure you've heard about G.I Joe before or perhaps watch the cartoon on TV before. Though some of you might be same like me as i don't have much memories on this cartoon, not as much as Transformers, all i remembered is this super ultimate bad guy with a mask on wearing some uniform with the cobra logo and there's a big cobra statue in their base.

and i don't remember anyone on the good side, the Joes. lolx

Alright, i'll keep the spoilers at minimum and talk about how good/bad is this movie. I'll try. Haha. No promises.

It is a movie filled with action, CG graphics, a storyline which is pretty good, not awesome but just nice, and the movie was quite fast in terms of pace. The whole story focuses on this awesome kick ass nano technology ultimate weapon where the bad guys and good guys fighting over it.

and i like the storyline on how they slowly build up the storyline for me to understand every bit of the story in this movie, how did the hating come and such and why did he have to do so, what actually happen back then and such.

Short to say, i had enough time to digest part 1 before it goes to part 2 and it was good that way.

There were a few humorous scenes here and there along with a few flashbacks as well.

and hmm, what more...

There're kick ass ninjas in this movie!

There're some high-tech multi-million weaponry suits where your body will act faster than usual, when you think about doing something, you are already doing it Lolx.

and There're these secret bases which i use to always imagine myself being in such places when i was a little kid. =X

and and and uh oh the BARONESS is teh hawt! =X =X =X

I was only a bit disappointed on their CG graphics scenes. There were a few scenes where its kinda TOO fake for me, and that's why i think that Transformers 2 is still the best movie this year.

Scarlett is teh hawt as well but i still prefer Baroness xD

So, after all i didn't really reveal much about this movie right?

Lolx The best part of the movie was at the end of the movie where everything gets really exciting. There's even this super awesome aircraft, the suborbital NIGHT RAVEN that cruises at a top speed of Mach 6 ifyouknowwhatimtalkingabout because imyselfalsodontknowwhatamitalkingabout. =X Mach 6 wor. Swt.

Its a nice movie and all and its definitely worth your money watching it in a cinema so do head to the cinema to get all the action of Baroness the Joes! Thanks to UIP again and of course the one who got it from UIP youknowwhoyouare. =)

My Rating for this movie is 8/10
*to the bloggers who're going to the screening tmr, enjoy! xD


Terri said...

Wa good seats. I got the 2nd row from the front and I was feeling nauseated. And an aching neck.

kim said...

I am going to watch this movie in 5 hours time later. wohooo!

Joshu@law said...

Thanks for the review..i definitely will watch it in cinema soon! ;)

Chew said...

Looks good and heard is good too so came by to see what is your review and apparently is good too.

mknace said...

they got snake eye
my fav icon for gi joe

Hon Mun said...

Woots! I went for the screening too! I was sitting in front row.. lolol

joshuaongys said...

> Terri : ahahah yea i got good seats but if its exactly in the middle it would be better! xD

> kim : lolx im sure u enjoyed!

> Joshu@law : hahahah welcome!

> Chew : LOL so u'll be watching it rite?

> mknace : yeh snake eye is awesome!!!

> Hon Mun : hahahah den ur neck muz be hurt dat time!

Urbantechnick said...

The movie was just off for me. I think the cgi scene where they chasing the bad guy at Paris is not good. Still cannot beat Michael Bay

Satkuru said...

watching it later tonight, hehehe. i can't remember much on GI Joe either compared to Transformers :P

joshuaongys said...

> Urbantechnick : hahahah dat was why i said transformers was better xD

> Satkuru : lolx =D

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