Friday, May 22, 2009

Twist It Up this weekend!

They have made quite a scene in Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Hong Kong and now they are coming to KL!!

Twist It Up is a famed Hip Hop Party by Hydro Phonics and they'll be in Mist Club this very Saturday where DJ Tob of Bangkok Invaders will guest DJ for Twist It Up. xD

(Hydro Phonics ‘The Lyrical Chronic’ is known as the Hip Hop MC/Actor/Spokesman/Humanitarian that has taken the Hip Hop world in Asia by storm! Founder and member of Hip Hop group, 4DUB along with Akil the MC (Former lead of Jurassic 5), Hydro is set to star in an upcoming Hollywood movie "Dare to Dream") and is also the subject of an upcoming Hip Hop Documentary.
Tickets @ Door: RM35 inclusive of a drink
EARLY BIRD: RM25 inclusive of a drink

Call 017-3731307 for inquiries or Chee Ching at 012-5320733 for early bird tickets purchases..

So if you do not have any plans for this weekend yet then do head over to Mist Club and twist your life up!

talking about twist, i feel like having some Pepsi Twist hmmm.
No it's the the name of the girl in the picture above... Its THE DRINK LA!! =X

and haha, NO Jolin Tsai won't be there @ Mist Club la i wish she would!!

Haha, so yea see you there!!

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