Monday, May 18, 2009

LG Blog Launch Party @ Metropol Bar, Kuala Lumpur

Life's Good? Definitely NO for those slaves who'll be heading to their respective working position at this very start of the week.

Thanks to Nuffnang and LG, Life was good for the bloggers who attended the very launch party of LG Blog early this month at the 8th of May 2009. Especially for those who won something back home that night!

Life's Good when you have a bunch of people in costumes as either devil or angel attending a party. Quite an awesome scene to be in.

Especially when you have these angels guiding you around in and out giving you balloons with the nicest smile on earth when you register yourself at the counter. xD

Shall not crap more, please view the video that i've edited below. Esp to the guys, view the video till the very end okay? Hehehe.

LG Blog Launch Party @ Metropol Bar, Kuala Lumpur

So, did you enjoy watching the video? i hope you did. =)

and yea the video was kinda like an extremely short summary of the party. Something similar to what Bryan did on the same event itself and if you've watch his video, you'll definitely see the same faces in my video as well. =)

32″ LCD TV (Best Dressed Angel & Devil)
Kim Ong & Red Mummy

LG Cookie Handphone (Most Eccentric Angel & Devil)
Jolyn Goh & Heng Jovi

The 4 luckiest bloggers of the night was the ones mentioned above.
Congrats to them, no complaints, hands clapped, 90 degrees salute. Haha.

Some weird group picture...

and it was nice meeting some of you that night, especially the ones shown in the pictures above!!

*picture by Howard.

and of course, a group picture is a MUST for such events xD.

Kudos to LG Malaysia for embracing Blogging by launching their official blog early this month.
Its definitely the right thing to do!!
Haha and yes, blogging is like a religion already lmao. =X

Life's Good? I definitely hope so!


bryanlyt said...

niceee video tooo! :D

Nigelais said...

I laughed. Good one.

Myhorng said...

the processed red so not devil and nowhere near evil.

joshuaongys said...

> bryanlyt : thank you!!~

> Nigelais : ahaha thanks =)

> Myhorng : cannot so devil la, the angels there too chun d...

LilJo said...

wuu wuuu.. the starting sound like some horror movie.. sumore watch this late.. LOL.. but darn nice leh.. bravo...

joshuaongys said...

> LilJo : lolx xD good maaaa!!!! hahahha thank uuu!!

yapthomas said...

They haven't give me my DVD player! Roar!!!

joshuaongys said...

> yapthomas : lolx go tell them!!

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