Wednesday, May 06, 2009

All Hail to Bruce Lee of Soccer World n THX to Yatz & Aaron

Wheeeee!!~ Manchester United is heading to Rome!!!!!

Best la i tell you!! Thanks to both Yatz and Aaron who rejected me on a YumCha invite on twitter, i made my last decision to go to a nearby Mamak stall all alone and when i just had my ass on the chair, our very own Bruce Lee in the soccer world scored the first goal!!

Yes!!! Park Ji Sung = Bruce Lee of soccer world and all Asians Soccer Fans should say Yay to that goal regardless of whether you are a ManUtd fan or not because Park Ji Sung have been making us Asians proud all these while playing as a Manchester United soccer player showing the world that not only Asians can kick ball, they can score goals!!

thanks to the idiotic Arsenal defender Gibbs who choose to fall down at that very minute in all the minutes in his life. 1-0 to ManUtd at 8minutes. =D

and seriously, good thing the 2 friends mentioned above rejected my YumCha plan where i get witness the very second goal like within 5 minutes after Park scored.

A veli veli nais free kick taken by Ronaldo!! If only Almunia was faster by 0.5 sec. Lolx
*if i were to drive out to another place to YumCha, i would miss the 2 early goals.

3-0 at 61 minutes marks the very end of Arsenal's journey in this year's Champions League... unless they score 5 goals in 29 minutes xD.

What happen in the remaining time? Arsenal scored once and Manchester United got a red card. Make no difference Nyahahahahahahaha. All the way to Rome!!

To all Manchester United haters : Take That!! xD
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Ulquiorra said...

Park Ji Sung has just become the first Asian man to score in two semi finals champions league tie. One is for PSV, another one is for MU. said...


mknace said...

cool pix

tieroflife said...

it was a great game by MU. especially the third goal.

joshuaongys said...

> Ulquiorra : yes and he made us asian proud! Go Park!!

> : mmg pun!

> mknace : yesh thanks to the photographers!!

> tieroflife : it was INDEED a great game!! i enjoyed the whole 90 minutes!! hehe

RealGunners said...

fark u man, fark u, shait!!

l a b e l s


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