Sunday, May 24, 2009

review on He's Just Not That Into You

This movie was released early this year i think. Around February and i only got to watch it with 30+ bloggers last month in a bloggers movie meet. =)

From the movie poster, you can actually see that they have quite a number of well known actors/actresses in the cast of the movie and with that, the movie won't be anywhere bad. You just know that!

and so, the movie is about love and relationships where different stories evolves around a few couples where they are connected to each other.

There's a married couple who have problems.

There's this couple where the guy don't like the idea of marriage while the girl wait

then there's a couple who met and got together in the movie.

then there are a few relationships which is complicated where it involves betrayal and such. Frankly speaking, i nearly got confuse with the various relationships in the movie where some of them clashes with different girl getting involved here and there, not to mention that i got confused with some of the names of the girls as well.

Of course, i cleared everything out during the movie and understand the storyline where i find it quite interesting and many people around are able to apply to the movie where the incidents, conflicts, complications are quite a norm for couples all around the world.

With laughters and of course tears as well, everyone of us have to go on with our lives living in this very world putting the negatives behind looking forward to the happiness and positives we hope in life and that's what showed in this movie.

I do think that the movie is nice and it's pretty entertaining where they have quite a lot of funny scenes where i love 2 of the scenes showed in the picture below.

this girl was talking to herself and waiting for phone calls from guys.

this girl is happily listening a recorded voice and found out something else after that with her colleagues.

Its a good movie i think and of course its more towards the liking of the girls out there for such movie but don't worry if you're a guy, i'm sure you'll enjoy watching it too. Esp some scenes. =D

My Rating for this movie is 7/10

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