Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Struggling Complications

How would you react and reply if you get a sms with these contents?

Let's say if the sender is someone who's someone close to you, say like your best friend, or your sister/brother or even your girlfriend/boyfriend?

and that was a sms i received 2 days ago.

then, just yesterday i received 2 more sms on the same matter.

Seriously, i couldn't resist myself from feeling all funny and such getting such smses talking about a lousy driver and no offence to the female earthlings, the driver is actually a female and with me knowing that very one fact, i felt much more funnier.

but WAIT!!

the sender is someone important to me and its actually quite dangerous to be in the same car with such driver and so i'm quite "konpius"

The stuffs that happen after i sent that sms, it went pretty far away where the topics were totally different from what i've shown in the pictures above already... and well

The whole thing developed into something pretty awful and all i can do now is to look up to HIM and hope that everything will go fine.

i just don't know what else can i do anymore...........


Myhorng said...

those smses were funny.

Fumoffu said...

I am a bad driver when I have to drive to a place that is not familiar to me. Otherwise, I am an 'okay' one :D

joshuaongys said...

> Myhorng : you think so too huh? haha

> Fumoffu : good for u!! haha

marccus said...

may be can ask the driver get a Auto- instead of Manual-transmission in future XD
More safe. =X

joshuaongys said...

> marccus : hahahha same wan la i tell u, no break wor!!

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