Friday, May 08, 2009

Sunrise Duck Rice @ Sea Park, Petaling Jaya

I almost forgot about this lunch i had with MikeYip, Steph and my girl. A place i never knew of its existence despite its long history serving the public with its famous duck rice day and night with different stalls operating.

Thanks to Mike, i had this very yummy lunch at the 25th last month.

Upon reaching, i could already see the crowd there sitting in the premise, not counting the people standing out of the premise waiting to be seated or waiting for their turns to make a "take away" order. This whole scene was quite similar to the time i went for "Siew Yuk(Roast Pork)" somewhere in Pudu. People coming in and out non-stop.

Anyways, Mike & Steph already finished up half a duck already by the time i reached, and they ordered 1 more duck to get ready for second round and of course part of it was for me and my girl.

I LOL-ed when Mike talked about the reactions the people gave around him when they finished their first round and ordered 1 more duck where the people around giving him those "Wah, sure anot, eat so much meh, 2 person only wor!!"

So, here it is, the duck!! and it's delicious yummy yummy, very the nice when u dip it into the sauce they provide and put it in your mouth. I like it because they have the herbs in it and i like food cooked with herbs. =D

and i tell you, their business is freaking good!!! Quite amazing i thought with really no signs of recession in Malaysia. See the picture shown above? Imagine the whole row is full, the whole time i was there, they served/sell out at least 2 rows of ducks there.

By the time me and my girl left with the extra half duck take away for her friends, they served 3 rows already!!!


and this is the price list.

1 Duck for RM49
1/2 Duck for RM25

1 Plate of Duck Rice RM7.50

Well, after all these people have already build their base there for quite a long time already and they are well known for their oh so yummy duck rice in that area so its explainable that they are charging at that rate.

Just 2 thing, the weather that day was freaking hot and i was all sweating having my meal and the thing with eating at such famous place, you can't enjoy your meal slowly as there're people outside standing waiting to be seated and you can feel the invisible pressures that stress you to eat as fast as possible.

So, Duck Rice Anyone?

Restoran Sunrise
31, Jalan 21/1, S.E.A. Park
46300 Petaling Jaya


Tiffanie Tan said...

drools....hee where is my favourite picture of the duck heads?

Mike Yip said...

He won't put up wan lah.. sommore cannot tag on blogspot. If not, sure tag the head with Joshua's name. :p

joshuaongys said...

>Tiffanie Tan : lolx hahaha that is for you to keep yourself xD

> Mike Yip : lol nyahahaha

Tiffanie Tan said...

those heads kena potong hanging there very cute bahh...hahaha

julian said...

Ya the soup is very good also. Agree that it's a bit rushed though - also you have to get there early (i.e. before 1pm or so) if you don't want all the ducks to be taken.

It's open for lunch only tho, readers be aware!

sully86 said...

making me so hungry!!!

joshuaongys said...

> Tiffanie Tan : O.O

> julian : eh some thought that the soup taste a bit too much already wor hehehe

and i heard that at night there's anthr duck rice shop and they are famous also heeee

> sully86 : when i make the post i was hungry as well... =(

Simon Seow said...

My colleague and I wanted to go there for lunch one last month but it was so damn packed. We had economy rice in the corner shop instead. Very good too the econ rice.

joshuaongys said...

> Simon Seow : yesh it was freaking pack, owh economy rice hahaha

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