Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pudu Siew Yuk (Roast Pork) @ Hai Lam Chicken Rice

Remember my random craving for Siew Yuk early last month? I just found out i haven posted about that Siew Yuk(roast pork) session. Ha...Ha....Ha.....

and this whole session actually happened like VERY VERY LONG TIME ago.....

It was on the 30th of December last year. Yea. LAST YEAR. Sound very long time ago but actually it's not.

So yea, it was just the 5 of us.

Sheon and me with Yatz taking this picture.

and 2 of Sheon's friend.

Alright, before i talk about the Siew Yuk, i must say that this very chicken rice stall in this restaurant is pretty well known. And they're quite "lanci", before 12pm there's like nobody and when it's near to 12pm people started coming from everywhere and you see lots of cars around and if you're late, you need to line up wtf. Cant wait? Then just leave cause they don't really care whether you're there or not. Their business is THAT good.


Good thing we're patient. VERY VERY patient. and finally we got our food. xD

Guess how much the plate of Siew Yuk cost? Later i tell you. haha

The chicken was pretty nice but that's not the main point.

THIS IS THE MAIN POINT!!! The Siew Yuk (Roast Pork) was damn nice where the skin was damn crispy and the meat is just nice gah.


and yea, we had 3 "sticks" where one "stick" cost RM13. No you didn't read it wrongly. RM13 YEA. But the thing is everyone there ordered that and some of them had more than us.

We tried ordering more Siew Yuk cause the sticks we ordered were finished up in no time, but it took us pretty long till we canceled it because we were tired of waiting already... lolx

So remember, next time if you go there, please order what you want to order at one shot. Don't add on later cause it will take VERY VERY long.

The place was so famous that even Mr Ong Ka Ting came OKAY!!
*one of his daughter look quite nice xD

How do you go to this place, hmm it's actually behind Shaw Parade, Pudu. Quite near to Times Square as well. Try going in the area behind Shaw Parade, Pudu and find for this specific coffee shop which have this Chicken Rice Stall. =)

Do get ready for a slightly expensive meal though before you go!



Yatz said...

sibeh stim ahhhh

Chris Thoo said...

mmmm....your blog tak halal already la....

Looks reli nice...I might order at least 5 sticks if I go there...

Huai Bin said...

Eh RM 13 is quite steep but if it's good enough for OKT, it's good enough for me. ;)

julian said...

Seriously OKT ?

zehobby said...

Nicele....if its fresh and juicy then its worth the $$ =D

joshuaongys said...

> Yatz : lolx stim stim stim!!

> Chris Thoo : ish shhhhhh dont say dat mahhh hahaha later ppl dowan come my blog d leh!

5 sticks lolx crazy hahahaha if u do so make sure u blog bout it yea haha

> Huai Bin : lolx once in a while den its okay la hahaha

> julian : hmm

> zehobby : HAHAHAHAHA i blif that to alot of people who's their loyal customer, they do think dat way!

Menj said...

Ong Ka Ting can go suck the dog's cock!

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