Monday, February 09, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 RAWKS!!!

This year's CNY RAWKS TO THE MAX!!! Woooohoooooooooo xD


Seriously i never had so much fun in a CNY for quite some time already. I can say that this year is the best in the past 5 years. Not to mention, i had Exams during CNY as well and that adds more to the "exciting" part of this year's Chinese New Year. Haha.

Before CNY started officially, i was out with 3 lifeless people counting down to CNY in Cheras Macdonalds. A pretty good kickstart to an awesome CNY lolx.

Then, on the 1st day of CNY, i went out on visitation with my family. A somewhat yearly thing to do during Chinese New Year.

then, on the 2nd day of CNY, i was really happy as this is prolly the first time this happened. It was one of the day that i will remember in the years to come as it is a very very special day. She came back from hometown and had dinner at my house. Yes, that alone is pretty memorable for me already. and this very day played a very important part in making this year's CNY special. Nuff Said. =D

The 3rd day was spent with some of the DGMB-ians @ Pavilion. As we don't really get to see Sheon much often, so while he was in KL for the week, we had a meet up with him. Having our lunch at Nando's and doing a few rounds of window shopping in Pavilion...

and we ended up in Starbucks in the later afternoon of the day. Playing a few rounds of cards at Starbucks was pretty fun and it was a whole session with lotsa fun. Well being with these peeps is always fun! The others proceeded to Nigel's house while i went on to find my girl. Lolx

The later night was spent with Chee Hwa at a nearby Cyber Cafe. Gosh. It was really tiring....

Why it was tiring, because we played games at the CyberCafe the whole night where we will have our small little secondary school friends gathering. Didn't really get much sleep and woke up all excited because we don't really go out as often as last time already.

First stop was at YuetMun's house where as usual was spent doing nothing much except for talking and laughing here and there.

We didn't stay long at her house as we were pretty hungry, so we headed to McD BSD for lunch and met up with ChinKent over there. Though there were less people compared to the previous years + we don't really meet that often already, we still managed to make a lot of noise there.

Furthermore, there was this kid which was with his family sitting at a table outside of the McD entrance and for a couple of minutes, he entertained us making us laughing and people around us was already looking at us weirdly. Lolx

After the lunch, we headed to ChinKent's place where we were welcomed by his dog. A very very well trained dog who can climb wall! See one of the picture above as proof!! HAHA. As usual, ChinKent showed us what his dog can do and we still get amazed with it AGAIN eventhough we saw it before in the previous years. The girls was impress as usual and they played with the dog as well.

Rounds of Blackjack and Rami were played till it's time to go to the next house.

Next, we headed to Melissa's house and we enjoyed looking at the photos we had back in secondary school last time. We were all so different from that time and we recalled back a few memories we had together. Gah, signs of becoming older already. Darn.

Yoke May's house was the last stop where we stayed there for quite long. Playing the same stuffs, Rami and BlackJack wasting our time waiting for dinner time to come. Had steamboat for dinner and it was a pretty full session. Buffet Steamboat. xD

The later night was spent chatting and talking and discussing with YokeMay & YuetMun about lots of lots of stuffs from East to West and Heaven to Earth. Yea not Hell.

It was a really really great fellowship!

The next night(Friday), i headed down to Sg Buloh to Steven's house and was shocked finding around 16 people there. 2 sides, one BlackJack session, one Mahjong session. It was a crazy night that where i witness some friends being like one of the Football Club's manager, getting extremely happy(winning money) and extremely sad(losing lotsa money) multiple times within half an hour time. Played basketball the next morning!! Awesome. Haha.


From CNY day 6 till 9 which is 31th Jan - 5th Feb, i didn't really go out as i forced myself to stay at home to study for exams which is on the 3rd and 5th of Feb. This short period of time was really "exciting". An Awesome time.

Straight after my last paper, i headed to Hartamas SOULed OUT for this CHAP GOH MEI celebration they had there with 5 other bloggers. The later night was spent with 6 guys in a Karaoke session. NO i'm not a gay wtf. Lolx

Slept till like 5PM Friday on 6th Feb 2009. Had dinner with my girl and sent her to the bus station as she's heading back to her hometown and i spent the whole night playing NFS Undercover & Dota lmao. Played basketball after that without sleeping. T_T

Attended the birthday party of this cute little girl, Zoe with lots of other bloggers. Went to Cat Got Your Tongue 4 at Palate Palette later in the night. GAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Finally got to sleep when i'm back from CGYT which was like erm.... VERY VERY LATE. =X

The next day was the best!! Had a visitation session with some of the DGMB-ians which include a few places like Gombak, Cheras, Kepong, Klang and Ara Damansara. A pretty crazy trip where we had Home Made Spaghetti for lunch, Klang Bak Kut Teh for dinner, had lotsa gambling sessions and the whole thing lasted from 2pm++ till 2am++. Lolx.

and i can't believe it just happened like just now... Heeee!!! xD

The very last day of CNY is here already. Was out with 2 college mates ChinYen and YewJoe in the early hours just now spending time at a nearby mamak stall. The original plan was to have DimSum at Jln Ipoh but both the DimSum place was on holiday. Gah.

Amazing aite?

So you tell me, HOW CAN THIS YEAR's CNY SUCKS? xD


Prolly the best CNY i had ever haha. Alright that's too exaggerating lolx. Hehe. Well I do hope that many of you out there had an awesome CNY. =)

Oh and yea, i'll be making a more detail post on SOULed OUT Chap Goh Mei, Zoe's Birthday Party, Cat Got Your Tongue 4 as well as the DGMB CNY Visitation trip!!

Till then, HAPPY CHAP GOH MEI!!!



Yatz said...

sibeh stim ahhh~!!!

julian said...

Hey is 'Rami' the game with tiles like mahjong on CNY day 4?

The only other time I saw a game like that was in Romania. Do you know where it's from??

Gong Xi Fa Cai! :)

Simon Seow said...

Wah gamble from start still the end lol.

Andrew said...

heheh... best!! LOL =D sorry about tonight though.. tak jadi nasi lemak + wan tan mee...

joshuaongys said...

> Yatz : stim stim!!

> julian : yes CORRECT!! jz the signs is the same signs as in card games not those actual mahjong signs haha i haven heard bout romania xD

> Simon Seow : lolx somehow like dat la hahah

> Andrew : HAHAHAHA nemind la jk only haha

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