Monday, February 16, 2009

Zoe's Birthday Party 2009

On the 7th of Feb 2009, a bunch of us went over to Zoe's house to celebrate her birthday. A birthday "party" that was planned by her.

According to the time set by Zoe, the party was from 2.30pm till 9.30pm at night. It was a crazy idea to have such a long time partying!! Lolx, her original plan was to have it since morning. Insane. Ha. Anyway, by 3pm, there were already people there. The peeps who were there early was like Andrew, Sue, WenPink, PPC, Ren and etc.

Being the lazy me who have not really sleep the previous night attended the party pretty late. I was there around 5pm with Stanley. There were quite a number of people there already then. Some playing cards, some Mahjong and a few on Othello.

Everyone was still in a CNY mood then and that's why the whole house was like a gambling centre. Lolx. On the other hand, Zoe was trying so hard to get us play a game she wanted to and planned to play. A game that will involve everyone of us in it. Almost everyone.

At last, after various attempts within the thousands of seconds, Zoe managed to get everyone listening to her's and stop playing Cards/Mahjong. It was somewhat a stupid + funny session. Stupid where some people made fun of themself entertaining everyone and funny because, its funny. Haha. Do refer to the video edited below.

The game lasted for around 40minutes if i'm not mistaken and soon, everyone was out of the house taking their bit of pizzas that was ordered. (i don't know why it was out of the house and not IN the house.) A group picture was taken with everyone in it, thanks to Andrew's DSLR. xD After that, some of them went back into the house while some others continue to "lepak" out there donating blood to the mosquitoes.

Within minutes the gambling centre resume its business with Along Chay cheating people's money. The 3 dudes who were on Mahjong previously resume their rounds as well. By 9.05pm, Along Chay said the magical words LAST 3 ROUND and miraculously, the last round, BlackJack21 appeared and Along Chay won. Gah. Not fair.

Nevertheless, it was a funny day esp. when someone asked about BKT to Patrick. His answers was the best! Serious. Lolx

Oh yea here's the group picture.

Last Row : Simon, Joey, Erm, Stanley, Yatz, Patrick, Robb
2nd Row : Sue, Ren, Jane, Horng, Tock, Rachel, TJ, Benjamin
1st Row : PPC, Jamie, YeeHou, Nicholas, Zoe, KY, Me, Andrew.

and here's the video i've taken down during the game session where everyone have to try to describe what movie they got from a small piece of paper without opening their mouth. Just hand gestures and body language.

oh and yea, meet Zoe's hamster.




陈一豪 said...

Matchat why my hip thrust slow motion one?

Pork Chop said...

hahaha wildchild :S

Nyway, nice meeting ya :)

Andrew said...

haha.. LOL =D best!! wild child gone really wild!! LOL

§pinzer said...

waaaaah group photo damn nice can! :D

joshuaongys said...

> 陈一豪 : purposely wan xD

> Pork Chop : haha nice meeting ya too!!

> Andrew : giler wan..

> §pinzer : er cannot. =X

kellster said...

the game is called charades :)

joshuaongys said...

> kellster : thanks kelli! hehe

Missyve said...

<3 ya Joshua! Thanks sooo much for cominggg. The video was really funny and you edited it so well.

joshuaongys said...

> Missyve : aha you're welcome and thanks haha

Robb said...

horny the best

joshuaongys said...

> Robb : hahahahah he mmg best!

Myhorng said...

Joshuaongys, Y edit until the wild child portion so long 1.. the rest so short.. not fair not fair.

btw, can i curi the group photo ar?

joshuaongys said...

> Myhorng : hahahahahahahha cuz that's the climax wtf haha why not hahah go credit andrew lolx not i take wan the pic xD

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