Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dota Tauren Chieftain v6.59b

Got a call one hour ago and i can't go back to sleep since then. Gah.

Anyways, a few hours ago i was playing Dota @ GG and my friend show me this Haha.

Pretty meaningless but heck, it was fun.

it was the latest map v6.59b.

Four totem have to be collected from 4 different locations - Wind, Fire, Earth, Water and the totems need to be placed in the empty area at the top left corner of the map and this will activate the secret of the map, where a BIG Tauren Chieftain will appear.

Top Left Corner!

Don't be stupid and think that you can fight this dude normally. This was what my friends did. They lure the chieftain outta empty area and when the trees appear back, the chieftain will be stuck outside and thus won't be attacking you any more.

Seriously, we have 4 divine rapiers on 3 heroes and it took us a very very long time to hit this dude with 500000 life if i'm not mistaken. Maybe we should get more Cric Item and DR.

Upon death the Tauren Chieftain will drop an item - Axe of the Chieftain
which will add 200 Strength with a skill Chieftain Strike(active)

Nothing Fancy actually and i believe this is not a new thing for those dota regulars. Haha just Random

on a more detail explanation on how to go through all the things mentioned above please go and google for it haha.

Happy Dota-ing!


Yi Ling said...

i see dont see what so fun about dota =.="

Kazhua said...


joshuaongys said...

> Yi Ling : lolx it's a guy thing gua..

> Kazhua : gimme 5! haha

John Mah said...

WOW, Geng Wo.

joshuaongys said...

> John Mah : lolx haha

l a b e l s


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