Friday, February 13, 2009

review on Look For A Star 游龙戏凤

Watched this movie like 3 days ago with some college mates.

It's a very nice movie i must say.

Starring Andy Lau 刘德华 as the filthy rich guy that owns everything and is longing for love.


Shu Qi 舒琪 as the Cinderella girl that works hard to earn a living.

Yes. It's a Cinderella kinda love story where a rich guy gets together with a girl with nothing at all.

However, the story don't focus on the love story of Andy Lau. It also brings in the love story of his 2 close working staffs.

The driver who found himself interested in a woman who owns a daughter.


the company sec that falls for a poor but honest guy.

and so, the story evolves around the 3 person where they seeks for the love of their lives. Despite having a hectic work life working together in managing a large organizational company, the 3 of them met the other half around the same time and due to status and pride, each of them faces different challenges and problems.

A normal person who might be the girl next door that is just a normal person getting together and marrying a guy who appears to be of a much more higher status than her with lots of wealth is not such a fairytale story. Both of them have to cope with it and strive to be together.

After all, they're 2 different person from 2 different world.

The ending was pretty dramatic & funny as well where i find it pretty interesting as it ends in a way that is a bit different from other fairytale story, it's pretty touching i would say that this movie is just the movie for couples out there to have a reason to head to the cinemas this weekend for valentines. If you haven watch it that is.

At the end of the day it is a happily ever after ending.
You might say it's expected but believe me, go watch it yourself.

After watching Ip Man and this movie, I do think that the Hong Kong movie industry is rising up recently where their movie qualities isn't that crappy as it is compared to previous years. Seriously, this is a film that is worth watching. So, go and watch it! xD

awesome stuffs. Furthermore, there're other interesting actors/actress in this movie.

such as..

林子祥 George Lam


官恩娜 Ella Koon.


My Rating on this movie 8/10


maro^gal said...

yeah.. the movie is nice...!!
i watched it twice already... hahaha

joshuaongys said...

> maro^gal : wahh semangat sial, why so many times hahaha

brittany said...

That nice? Should considering watching this instead of bride wars this weekend...

Jessica said...

Yeah, I watched it too. Nice (fairytale) movie to watch :=)

joshuaongys said...

> brittany : hehehehe yeh!!

> Jessica : NICE RIGHT!! hehe

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