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Cova, The Gardens Mid Valley

This was like one month ago. On the 15th of January 2009. A bunch of us was at Cova, The Gardens Mid Valley for a food review session.

Cova which is situated near the bridge that connects Mid Valley and The Gardens is a Cafe.Lounge.Bistro that will make you feel like going in and just sit down and enjoy the environment in it.

Quite a cozy place with simple and comfortable interior. The place is a good place to have a nice meal with your special ones as well as having a fellowship session with some fellow friends.

Anyway, let me go straight to the items we tried alright? I'll keep the description short and simple as there are lots of items. xD
*yes la i'm lazy shhhhhh wtf

Cova Evergreen - 3/5

The only alcoholic drink we had that night where its a cocktail which consist of Midori, Vodka and Triple Sec. Not bad

Cova Citrus Crush - 4/5

A drink of Lemon, Lime Juice and soda water. Simple and nice where many among us favoured this very drink. Pretty cooling and refreshing.

Strawberry Surprize - 4/5

Normally, when i order such drink, it will be extremely sweet and i am not able to taste the strawberry itself, in this case, it's totally opposite which had me pretty surprise. Just sweet enough where the taste of strawberry was pretty strong.

Chocolate Crazy - 5/5

Smoothie. However, this is the best. I love this to bits. Well, i love chocolate, so yea.

Of course, they serve coffee drink there as well.

Hot Latte -3/5

A normal latte drink i thought. I don't know how to enjoy a latte drink. Serious. So. Yea.

Heavenly Hot Chocolate - 4/5

Chocolate again, NICE. Seriously, those who dislike chocolate and hate it very much. Too bad. This hot chocolate taste as "hawt" as it looks like!!

Hot Mocha - 4/5

This mocha drinks was pretty fine with me. but i still prefer the Hot Chocolate above if you ask me. Haha. Still an awesome cup to order if you just want to sit and spend your own sweet time there.


Portobello Mushroom Salad - 3.4/5

A dish with Portobello mushrooms, balsamic vinegar, grilled potatoes, butter lettuce. Well, i'm not a salad person, but i loved the potato and mushroom served in this dish. A pretty good start of a meal!

Soft Shell Crab Salad - 3.5/5

Soft shell crab, mixed greens, cucumber with creamy cilantro dressing.and so, that's not the only salad we had. We have this soft shell crab salad as well where you can read about its description above. Gah salad. I WAN MAIN COURSE wtf! =X

Cova Nasi - 3/5

Ulam rice, beef rendang, salter egg, mango salad, veggies. All right, i don't like the rice but i like the beef rendang. Lolx. The beef rendang was just nice where you can really enjoy it bitting it slowly. The rice, i always have problem with such kind of rice so yea ignore me.

Special Cova Spaghetti - 4/5

This is an awesome dish where i loved every single bits in this very dish, the spaghetti, salmon, mushrooms, beef bacon and turkey ham, argh. One word. NICE.

Braished Lamb Shank - 2.5/5

Alright, this specific dish, they cooked it where the meat still have the mutton smell which i don't like it that's why i rate it 2.5 over 5. However, some people love to eat lamb shank with such smell so i shall stop here. The sauce and mashed potatoes were nice though.

Pan-fried Salmon - 4.5/5

I'm always a fan of Salmon so i was really happy when this dish was served. It was perfect with the creamy spinach, zuchinni, deep fried ginger & garlic. It was cooked just right for me and i loved it till bits. Awesome dish.

Grilled Cod - 4/5

Other than salmon, cod is another well known dish in various similar places. This specific one was served with Enoki mushroom, wilted spinach and Japanese sweet sauce. The sauce made this very dish special and tasty where it was finished within seconds. Crazy people.

Curry Laksa - 4.5/5

You would love this if you're a curry lover. A bowl of curry laksa with homemade aromatic broth, fresh prawns, chicken & shredded cucumber. It was super awesome!! Nuff said. xD

River Prawn Noodles - 4.5/5

Last but not least. This dish of river prawn noodles with scallops & crab served with thick broth was quite filling and it tasted just nice for me where i think that anyone who favour this very dish should go and try it at COVA.

LAST, The Desserts.

Classic Cheese Cake -4/5

The name itself have already explain this very cake. It's the basic classic cheese cake everyone love. This specific one was pretty nice.

Peanut Butter Banana Pie -2.5/5

While some may fancy the combination of peanut butter and banana, i don't. So yea. I shall skip this.

Peanut Butter Praline Zucato - 3/5

Having such a name, it must be some awesome dessert. Another Peanut butter related. Just nice.

Toffee Almond with Peanut Butter Cream - 4/5

Alright this is what i like. The cake with the bits of toffee almond. The little crackly bits of gold toffee sprinkles on the top interests me and when i had my first bite, i was amazed. Looks simple but taste extraordinary.

Blueberry White - 4/5

A white chocolate cake with blueberries which i like pretty much. xD

Chocolate Mousse Cake - 4/5

Alright, i love anything that comes with chocolate and this is chocolate mousse omg. It was superb i tell you. Just nice where it's not too sweet and creamy!

Warm Chocolate Lava Cake - 4.5/5

This was the bomb where everyone was fighting for it finishing it up in seconds. Should i say more? =)

Creme Brulee - 3.5/5

Don't really fancy this but the others love it pretty much. ha.

Traditional Tiramisu - 4/5

Tiramisu tiramisu. An overrated dessert to me but anyway, i thought that the one served at cova is pretty nice. Do try it if you happen to visit Cova!

So yea, there goes the whole list of drinks, food and dessert served that night where we got really really full. In short, i would say that Cova is a pretty awesome venue to spend your time. They served a wide range of food, drinks and dessert and i'm pretty sure you could find something you love where the price is a bit expensive but well for a place situated at such a location(The Gardens). Don't expect that you can get extremely cheap foods. =)

Do drop by the place if you happen to be there!

F-226-B, The Gardens, Midvalley
59200, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2287 6260

*pictures by ChungLern & David


lina said...

Whoa! So tempted to go to Cova. :D

joshuaongys said...

> lina : lolx go ahead then! xD

Cashmere said...

Wow! Looks like a nice place.. I think you've done a great job with the advertising.. The pictures of the food and drinks are really tempting.. Sluuuuuuuurp! ;)

julian said...

The cakes look good :p Have you got a new camera?

joshuaongys said...

> Cashmere : hahahahaha it is a nice place to be at and yes the pics are nice thanks to my frens hahahaha... thanks for the comment there xD

> julian : hahaha nope i dont have a new camera, the pics were taken by my frens haha

Yi Ling said...

woah. the desserts hor. T_T i want. heh. can erm erm send over ._. :/

Yatz said...

i miss the spaghetti and curry laksa T_T

Baby said...

if someone would spend me there...

Jimi said...

my gosh, those food look tasty. nice post man. who took all the pictures? nice!

joshuaongys said...

> Yi Ling : hahahah send over arhhhhh a bit hard wehhh

> Yatz : the curry laksa damn nice rite??!!

> Baby : got wan!!! ask ur dad xD

> Jimi : they taste tasty as well and thx!! haha owh i've credited the photographers at the bottom of the post =)

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