Friday, February 06, 2009


Yesterday was officially the last day of exam, taking my 8th and 9th paper was like forever. I was like sitting in the exam hall waiting for time to pass and it's like taking forever where i felt really restless, sitting there playing with the pen with my brain blank not knowing how to answer this and that. I really feel like tying the string and raising my hands and leaving the scene.

But because it's the LAST day of exam, i opt to stay back and go through that long period. Yes Last. After this it's all over, it's my last semester already and i won't be furthering my studies anyhow anymore already.

When the clock ticks and reached 4.00PM where everyone started attempting the last sentence with the officers starting to collect our papers, i was having this mix feeling all around. Hard to describe but i'm very sure one of it was relief.

I had my after exams plan of course, though i've not sleep the previous night acting like a good hardworking student studying for exams in the middle of the nights, i went on with my plans.

It was raining when i was buying bus ticket for my girl at Pekeliling and i got home around 6PM++ to get ready to head to SOULed OUT for their special Chap Goh Mei event. YES as you see its RM60 for adult and NO i didn't pay HAHA thanks to the people at SOULed OUT. I was there with Sidney & Sunny from BBO, Kelvin, Sue, Andrew and Ken.

It was an awesome session with lotsa food, firecrackers, fireworks and of course the lion dance displayed and yea, there was some performance by a group of Chinese erm acrobatic group? Ah i don't know what do they call them. Lolx.

Of course, i'll blog more about the session when i get my hands on more pictures.

The later night was spent in a Karaoke session with some of my kickass coursemates. These people are unlike me who're all lazy, they are those type of students who study alot and know what are they studying. Clever dudes.

Eric, Swee, ThiamChoon, Kin Han, Chun Seng, Clement.

Sorry to disappoint you if you're looking forward to see some girls la. All guys and we gay gay in green box.

Sungai Wang. =D

So yea, it's all over. No more lectures and tutorials at TARC and of course i hope no more exams again. Hope that i can pass all the 9 papers i sat. =(

Now, after exams, i'm not exactly free, still have to complete my Final Year Project. FYP Yes.



pamsong said...

Let's go sing song!!!!

joshuaongys said...

> pamsong : come come go go

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Hehe, congratz to you! Hope you can pass all the subjects with flying colors :D Hmm, btw does green box really exist? I heard of Red Box...

joshuaongys said...

> cHrIstInA_YY : THANKS!! and hope that what you say will COME TRUE!!! lolx ehh yesh green box does exist and it's under the same company as Red Box eh... but i have no idea why they do so... haha

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