Monday, February 16, 2009

Fast Update #37 Help Needed.

Just got this message from a friend seconds ago, nope this is not a prank.

PLEASE SPREAD THE MESSAGE OUT! By Blog/Sms/Msn/Email and etc.

A car was stolen by an Indian in Tmn Berkeley Klang early on 16/2/09 , A small boy age 6 yrs old is inside the car when this happen.

If you see a Maroon Proton Waja JFA4552, Please contact Mr Foo 019-6555174/012-283837 or go to the nearest Police Station.


Baby said...

what was the boy doing inside the car? where were the parents?

Lisalicious said...

how true is this case??
i got a bunch of this sms

CH Voon said...

hi, you miss the hp number la...the one is 0122838371 ...


Soon Chia said...

i heard received this sms as well. I thought he was found or something?

Anonymous said...

I think the case is solved :)

joshuaongys said...

> Baby & Lisalicious : you can read the news its solved thank God =)

> CH Voon : thanks haha.

> Soon Chia : yeaps he was found already =)

> Anonymous : thanks! =D

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