Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sacks, wan penyis, wan wahjainah, and EVERYONE GOES MAD.

Yesterday night, I was just having some short break from doing my final year project and i logged on to Innit.

then i saw some familiar names. and so i joined in the chat.

and all of a sudden, these were typed/asked.

*please read chat from bottom to top xD

so, you tell me, what is ***?

*please read chat from bottom to top xD

and the girl replied...

hmmm ***? for some adults its just pleasure, they hook up next time gone, one night stand. but it can be quite a pretty darn experience

urm, then good *** ha, like really totally siao love and ***ually go crazy O.O

*please read chat from bottom to top xD

An extra last reply was added then by her.
sacks, wan pen is, wan wah jai nah, and everyone goes mad.

HOI wtf i went laughing straight away. What a reply

*please read chat from bottom to top xD


Some rare entertainment by Tiuniasing if you ask me and yes a couple of minutes wasted there but no regrets as that was like my only source of entertainment for the whole day yesterday.

Oh and you know what? The girl who replied is only 15yrs old. If i'm not mistaken that is. So those replies was really.....


Hope you had fun. I have to get back to work. Gah. Bye.


Yi Ling said...

LOL! yeah she's 15. super farnie sia. my entertainment too. i cant stop laughing. LOL. how how how. you started me laughing now i cant stop =.="

Tiuniasing said...

Ohh... You betul-betul blog it!!?

§pinzer said...

you crazy blogger!

Baby said...

i think i saw this piece of conversation but didn't join in..

Andrew said...

hahaha... LOL wtf weh??? best conversation!!

Myhorng said...

LOL.. kns.

joshuaongys said...

> Yi Ling : ahahahahaha laughing is a good thing you know? xD

> Tiuniasing : of course!! i shall do what i've said hahahahha no la just wana record down some stupid stuffs in my life ma, its my life log post xD

> §pinzer : i'm not..

> Baby : ahahaha good thing u didnt join in =)

> Andrew : aha where got best..

> Myhorng : xD

BLue said...

sex = gender LMAO

sheryl :) said...

eh!!! LOL! u go blog about it ah!? anyways those is random comment la omfg LOL!!! :)) i still very young dunno anything ahhhed!

joshuaongys said...

> BLue : hahaha ur boss TNS la!!

> sheryl : no worries la =)

Missyve said...

Gawd, before I read the ending I was so mad at TNS for being such a douche. But i guess he's got a good sense of humor as well.

joshuaongys said...

> Missyve : hahaha i guess almost everyone thought so as well gah hehe

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