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Kechara Oasis Vegetarian Cuisine, Jaya One

Okay this is like a very very long delayed post. Should have posted like early last week.

Not MY FAULT! When i have time to post about it i don't have the pictures and when i got my hands on the pictures, I'm Having Exams(that's why you see me posting less frequent nowadays).

Anyway, cut the crap. On the 21st of January 2009, i attended the Official Opening of a Vegetarian Restaurant which is located in Jaya One.

Kechara Oasis
The New Age Vegetarian Restaurant.
*how to differentiate old age and new age ar? hmm

was with these people - Jason, Andrew, Ken, Sidney and Andrew's sister Celine. xD

Alright come back to the opening. Straight to the food aite?

Kechara Oasis Special Yee Sang - 4/5

This was the first dish we had. It was a Wednesday and its like just a few days before Chinese New Year that time. So this special dish was presented to us all. Yes, us all, there were more than 100 invited guests there. Gah. So being a vegetarian restaurant, serving this traditional CNY dish where there isn't a single meat in it, that's pretty interesting i would say.

and seriously, it turned out good for me. I always love the YEE SANG included in this dish OKAY!! Maybe its the sauce that made it taste nice. I think it is hahaha.

Crispy Vietnamese Spring Roll - 2.5/5

This was our second dish. Alright you can see that i rated it 2.5 over 5 above. It was really crispy but i don't really fancy the taste. Its pretty plain ha. Well, after all it's vegetarian Ha so for those who love vegetarian, this might be an awesome dish i think... so i shall reserve my comments. =D

New Age Barbecue Satay Skewers 3.5/5
*whats with the new age thingy ar?

Alright this was pretty awesome i thought. I'm always amazed by how those vegetarian food chefs could come out with a "VEGETARIAN MEAT" dish and it tasted exactly like meat. Must have involved lots of hard work here and there. This specific Satay dish is sweet and i thought that the sauce they used were pretty nice. Just that it's a bit hard to bite on. =X

Treasure Garden (Stir Fried Lotus Roots with White Fungus & Shitake Mushrooms) - 3/5

I only fancy the stir fried lotus roots hahaha that's why i rated it like that above. My personal OPINION MAH!! I think it would be superb for those vegetarian food goers though.... xD

Vietnamese Longetivity Cold Noodles - 3/5

another dish with the name of "Vietnamese" and indeed the taste is pretty plain. Okay la i think its me, vegetarian food is meant to be a bit plain right? I mean the taste. =)

Catch of the Day served with Chef's Special Gravy - 4/5

Eh but this one is not plain ehhh..

Catch of the Day served with Chef's Special Gravy - 4/5

I actually liked this dish where it is suppose to be a fish dish. Remember? It's vegetarian! and it is pretty tasty. Taste like sweet and sour fish but with curry leafs and chilis added so you go and imagine how it taste like okay? Haha. After all, it's the Chef's special gravy. xD

Sea Coconut with Longan - 3/5

What can i say about this. It's a normal dessert. =X

Chilled Crystal Delights - 3/5

This is pretty interesting where till now i still have no idea what is in it. There's an outer layer which is jelly and the orange thingy inside is erm.... I don't know.

Together they made quite a nice dessert. Just nice. =)

Jason, Ken, Andrew, Sidney, Me.

The peeps that i've mentioned above. xD

So there goes this food tasting session at this very opening of a New Vegetarian Restaurant with the name Kechara Oasis which is located in Jaya One. and oh yea, this is actually the 2nd session of Lou Sang i had this year... Lolx First was at Amuleto, Mid Valley. Both also before CNY. =(

I'm not a big fan of vegetarian food so the review above might be erm a bit out, lolx so if you happen to drop by Jaya One and you're a Vegetarian Food Lover, do go and try the food out yea!

Then come and tell me whether it's NICE or NOT NICE okay? xD

Make a Healthier Choice and Be Friends of Planet Earth.
*this is their slogan okay!

pictures by Ken & Jason.

Kechara Oasis Restaurant
New Age Vegetarian Cuisine
D-21-LG1 & D-19-LG1 Block D Jaya One,
No. 72A Jalan University,
46200 Petaling Jaya,

Tel : 603-79681818

Operation Hours:
Lunch : Monday - Saturday : 11PM - 3PM
Dinner : Monday - Sunday : 6PM - 10.30PM
Brunch : Sunday : 10.30AM - 3PM


Xjion89 said...

They look delicious!!!
Vegetarian food is healthy!(^^)

Yi Ling said...

walao. i want to eat food now =.=" despite just finishing dinner. LOL. the food looks super delicious aka tempting T_T

Andrew said...

sei mou... all up kechara d... hahaha

email2me said...

Andrew : Remember to share the chicks pix ah ..... I am uploading now ... :P

joshuaongys said...

> Xjion89 : lolx healthy arh... actually not exactly leh..

> Yi Ling : hahhahaha they sure know how to make the food look nice xD

> Andrew : lolx

> email2me : hahahahha

Anonymous said...

The food's gooooood.... Momos are fab and whatever they've done to the chilli sauce, i like it!

Check out their website too at . . lots more nice food pics :)

joshuaongys said...

> Anonymous : xD u're a big fan of kechara oasis huh?

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