Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Its totally insane! These few days have been so freaking hot. I'll just sweat minutes after i bath and that's how bad it is. Especially with people like me who DON'T have an aircond at home, its like living in a dessert under the hot sun.


Its hot even during the night. I woke up in sweat this morning feeling very lazy to head to work, no motivation at all. Gah.

Oh btw the pictures placed above are not related at all haha, its just some pictures i took last week while heading home from Subang Airport.

I like the 3rd picture particularly where you can see that patch of cloud that looks kinda like a flying horse or whatever living being it is. =D

Back to the current weather, maybe i should do what i did when i'm in National Service a few years back, bath 5 times a day EVERYDAY!! o.O

God oh God, can you send some snow to Malaysia? pwease?


yapthomas said...

Yeah wei..
I got two fans blowing at me when I was sleeping also I am sweating.. can die!!

Jv said...

yea lo!!
so @!#@#$!$ hot lar...
after bath. come out from the toilet start sweating..

inkish27 said...

NS got so free meh?
bath 5 times a day! xD

2009 super hot
2010 baking hot

Myhorng said...

it rained earlier..

joshuaongys said...

> Yapthomas : my friend say on aircond and fan also sweating..

> Jv : i know how does dat feels hhahaha

> inkish27 : i was in the first batch and many facilities not finish yet so we're pretty free hahah

> Myhorng : yea and i wish it was longer..

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