Thursday, May 14, 2009

McValue Lunch - YAU MOU Ohhh?!

Before you start reading this post, you need to learn this.

*yau mou = got or not? / yau = got.

Okay, continue...

It was one of the normal weekdays where i was thinking of what to get for lunch. At the same time, i was surfing Innit and the moving ad right at the bottom was really...

A few minutes after that, a friend called and i was already out. On the way to the nearest McD. Yes i gave up already to the moving ads below on Innit promoting McValue Lunch. =X

It was almost 1PM when i reach McD BSD. I made a few rounds around the premise only to find that there's not a single parking space at all. I thought to myself, "YAU MOU Ohhh?!".

Even the Drive Thru counter was busy serving cars that came in non-stop one by one.

Crazy people. =X

Soon enough, i gave up on finding a parking space and parked out beside the road at the entrance/exit of the McD. Didn't look back, not even a bit and stepped into the place only to find the place full of people. Working peeps, students and lepaklings, all nom nom nom and bla bla bla here and there.

I queued up behind these bunch of working peeps and start staring at the McValue Lunch menu to have my very first McValue Lunch experience. When i look back down and plan to order, i was totally ignored by this primary school student cutting queue standing in front of me holding a RM50 note stating this "I WANT 3 SET OF McValue LUNCH!!".

I was like stoning there... "YAU MOU Ohhh?!".

After the stoning experience, its finally my turn to order my very first set of McValue LUNCH. I was pretty hungry at that time. Quickly grabed the change and got hold of my set and headed upstairs to look for my friend only to find out...

my friend already took 3 sets.


"YAU MOU Ohhh?!".

and he was smiling at me welcoming me to join him at the table. With a smile that looks pretty familiar to me. I somehow saw it somewhere sometime before and i'm VERY VERY sure about it. Hmmm.

yes lame i know but shhhhhh =D

I really couldn't stand it anymore after 3 times of "YAU MOU Ohhh?!" and i was freaking hungry already. Conquered the burger within the fastest time without thinking anything else.

The rest of the story about my McValue LUNCHTM experience, i shall pass it to the fries, coke, playground and the sky.....

and on the part of McValue LUNCHTM, if you ask me "YAU MOU Ohhh?!"

I will tell you YAU!
So all those who're out there, esp bloggers, faster go get your McValue Lunch!! xD
*don't laugh =X


Venessa said...

Ya mou!! :P

remsal said...

Haha... seriously, i also wanna gasp "YAO MOU OH??"
Your friend him alone ate 3 sets?! geng....

AAaaaaa... I want McValue Lunch~~ Too bad i'm not in Malaysia... I wanna go home!

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...


*gelengs kepala*

bryanlyt said...

came, saw, conquered xD

iphone is urs alrdy lorr! :D

Anonymous said...



your friend really had 3sets?~ serious??! o.O

yapthomas said...


Baldwin said...

YAU !!!! *lolx

joshuaongys said...

> Venessa : =P bleh

> remsal : ahaahahaha go eat the McD in overseas then!! i heard its more interesting at other countries xD

> ~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T : okok mou mou mou..

> bryanlyt : oh i really wish that!

> alLets' Lexy : erm can i say im just joking =X

> yapthomas : den go get 3 sets of McValue Lunch okie? xD

> Baldwin : hahahahaha

calvaryzone said...

i could eat max only 2.\
3 sets is crazy. but looking at the size of your friend, not surprising lah hahahaa

nana said...

yau!! gang yau geh!!
i eat b4 at Kuala Terengganu
really very shuang!
eat big mac with 8++ only

Ren said...

ngak yan geh!!!
mou gam geh sih!

abuzone said...

yau siau makan saja kau yeah..

joshuaongys said...

> calvaryzone : 2 set also alot for me weh.. lolx haha

> nana : yau yau yau hahahahaha when was dat wor u in KT?

> Ren : ngak yan geh... hahahah sound like wat steph would say!!

> abuzone : HAHA mmg siau!!

Jacob Yap said...

Your friend ate 3 sets?
Yao mou ohhh??

Andrew said...


JOLYN GOH said...

MOU!! On diet... =X

Dosz said...

nice post lol never thought it would be this way.. nice job!

wen pink said...

DIET!!!! >.<

joshuaongys said...

> Jacob Yap : LOL can i say mou?? =D

> Andrew : EHHHHHHHH later u complaint i make u fail in ur keep fit plan HAHAHAH!!!

> JOLYN GOH : then just the fries okay?? xD

> Dosz : hehehehe then how did u think it would be? thanks hehe

> wen pink : u telling andrew or me or MY FRIEND? xD

Anonymous said...


YOU!!! hahaha =D

Anonymous said...

eh.. i meant..

YAU!!! =P

joshuaongys said...

> kenwooi : HAHAHAHA good then!

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