Friday, May 08, 2009

The Most Happening Devil!

Wah LG is so into this wehh, the invites to the party also so nais!!

So, costumes ready? Lolx, i've asked like 5 person and all of them replied NO and they'll just go to the party with makeup and dress/normal clothings.

As for me, from the start i've been thinking about The Red Devils and Manchester United.

Hehe. The team i support, the team that is at the top of the league, the team that is in the Champions League Final.

Fred the Red!! =D



Haha no la i won't be going in that suit, i wish i can as it's quite cute hahaha and i think that suit could win you the TV. Of course, many female bloggers would want to take picture with you. YOU in the suit of course where your face cant be seen!! Ha!

So yea, i'll just go like that i think. =)

After all, The Red Devils are the most happening Devils around recently with their latest headlines around the world talking about thrashing Arsenal just a few days ago. xD

See Ya There Tonight!! Hee.
* and watch out for Pam The Red Devil


Serge Norguard said...

in typical hokkien


LG Blog said...

Josh, thanks for the link up. However, perhaps you can change the link from to , there seems to be problem on the link. I will see you tonite. Cheers!

joshuaongys said...

> Serge Norguard : O.O

> LG Blog : no probs =)

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