Tuesday, May 26, 2009

DGMB 1st Anniversary!

A month ago, a total of 36 people with 34 of them being bloggers attended a bloggers movie meet by DGMB.

It was a special meet, a meeting that marks the very 1st anniversary of a group of 17 bloggers who named themselves the DGMB-ians. Time flies and there goes a year knowing these bunch of bloggers. A bunch which i got close to the 1 last year. It was an Amazing Race i would say.

Anyways, single handedly planning this whole thing is something really interesting for me. The fear of no one giving a damn about the movie meet, the fear of no nice movies around the dates, the fear of no more seats to allocate for the people who will be coming and etc. =(

I was actually shock when i called up the people at Cineleisure to book seats and end up knowing that half the hall was book already by another group and i was wondering why there's a group booking where the movie was released back in February.

We only got to know WHY was that after witnessing a live proposal in the cinema right after the movie. It was pretty awesome. Good thing the girl answered YES! xD

and so, 17 bloggers appeared in a totally random movie meet @ Cineleisure 1 year ago and this time round we have 34 bloggers with 2 non-bloggers attending this movie meet at the same venue. 2 times more people, it was quite a success i would say and to those who attended this meet, THANKS FOR COMING, really, Appreciate It Much! From the bottom of my heart!

It was fun meeting some of you again and to those whom i've met the first time, Nice Meeting You!

Most importantly, to the peeps above, Love You Guys Lots! =)

Oh and i've made a video about it. Do view and comment okay? Hehe.

Bloggers Movie Meet 3 by DGMB

Hope you like it. xD

Happy Belated 1st Anniversary DGMB-ians!!


Simon Seow said...

Happy Anniversary.

Yatz said...

bagus..i still like the video..

joshuaongys said...

> Simon Seow : ah thanks

> Yatz : aha nais!

David Cheong said...

joshua video manyak best =D

joshuaongys said...

> David Cheong : manyak!!!! YEHHHH

along2481 said...

wow nice post.....thanks

joshuaongys said...

> along2481 : thanks =D

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