Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Hospital

recently i just finish watching a taiwan drama on the title TheHospital

not like most of the people who watch this drama because of their "idol (Jerry Yan)" who is the main actor, i watch this drama because its different... different from other taiwan drama which have too much fashion / childish / unlogical, etc contents...
*i still enjoy watchin taiwanese drama ^^

the story itself attracted me ... and to be frank, its really interesting to me.. although its 39 episodes of drama... but its worth it...

er.. i shall not talk anything about the story, you watch it yourself

pic above : the cast (most of them)

the actors/actress actually did quite well in the drama, how they act as the characters in the story... i think its good...

compared to most dramas from taiwan which consist of "good looking actors/actress without much acting skills"

i think there are people out there who will agree with me for sure...

rating 9/10

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