Friday, October 20, 2006

bloghopping around and then

i haven do this in ages

bloghopping around...

at this very time of a day -- a few hours after midnight ( to be exact 2.14am).. its extremely nice to do this... because after midnight, everything seems to stop

yea stop -- JUST LIKE THAT!!

and its sooo quiet ^^

at this moment its nice reading stuffs eg : blogposts!!!

its nice reading people's thoughts, views on stuffs.. people's experience... etc

and out of some posts u will see pictures with beautiful colours or beautiful people or BOTH!!!

some pics are just amazing like this one

and this one!!!

reading those type of posts about them going to certain places + WONDERBEAUTIAMAZING-ful pictures makes me soooo wanna go to those places myself.. and for your information the 2 pics above was taken in

which is a "veli beau-dai-fu" place

*i "stole" those pics from

bloghopping is so "phun"!!! =p lolz

i even found a picture which is a place i would really want to go now immediately


seriously, am not in a good mood now, would really want to go to a place as shown in the picture above and scream my lungs out

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