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5 Malaysian Blog Links in a Hong Kong Magazine

Do you know that actually, for every event you attend for free as blogger, you are expected to blog about it?

Be it either a music event, media event, or even some bloggers party. For sure, there'll be sponsors sponsoring all these events.

Say for instance, the Nuffnang Wild 'Live' party that happened just last weekend, it was sponsored by Maxis and Modestos.

How many bloggers attended that party? Minimum 120 bloggers....

but how many bloggers actually blogged about the event?? 20?? 30?? i have no idea.. maybe less....

Why did i state this out?

This is because i realize that actually, Malaysian bloggers are really lucky.

Malaysia blogosphere have became quite active and "happening" recently and many parties/sources are observing us bloggers especially after the general election in March early this year.

Thus, you can see that bloggers in Malaysia actually get free passes to attend more and more events in recent months. All these happen because people realize that blogs can be a medium to promote their products, their events, their services and etc. They want those bloggers to blog about it and promote it "indirectly".

Just last month, i went to Nokia IAC Event @ Zouk with a bunch of blogger friends - DGMBians, some of us got the passes through Nuffnang, others through other source.

Anyway, after posting about the event itself, i was approached by an editor of a magazine in Hong Kong to use the pictures i've added in the post.

We exchanged a few words and i sent him a couple of pictures on the event itself and a few blog links. I didn't think much on it that time. Since the magazine is coming up with an article on independant music and i can help, why not?

At last, the magazine came out and i downloaded the online pdf version of it. Well, you know.. i'm excited, i've submitted a few blogs links and a couple of pictures to them, so you could pretty predict how i look like when i downloaded the magazine.

i was going from page to page finding the "article" and i did read some other stuffs on the magazine as well. It appears that the content of the magazine is really interesting and i actually did read a couple of articles before i reached the page on the article of independant music.

I had a big smile on my face when i reached this page. The links i submitted was there, not only that, they even placed quite many pictures along with the article. In my mind, i was already jumping up and down. I didn't know i would get so HAPPY being credited by other people.


Alright, come back to the point above, bloggers blog about an event after attending it.

I do think that we bloggers have the responsibilities to do so. Of course, nobody order us and give us command that WE MUST BLOG ABOUT IT, the sponsors didnt ask us to do so, but you need to know the reason behind on why you get free passes/tickets.


Yes, no one can force you to do what you don't want to do, but bare in mind...


if every single blogger have that mindset in them, they don't blog about the events/movies they go for free, then whats the point of them(the sponsors) giving free passes?

Then sooner or later, we bloggers in Malaysia won't get chance to go to events and movies for free already.

There might still be, but those bloggers will be BIG SHOT/BIG TIME bloggers who probably have 1k visitors per day going into their blogs. NOT other bloggers.

If you think that there'll be other bloggers who will blog about it, cut that off your mind now! Sponsors or those who send out invites will need all the credits, testimonial, opinion, thoughts and etc they can get from us bloggers. Be it negative or positive, they'll still need it.

I have no idea how much this post will make u think about stuffs on blogging, but i do hope that this post can help you understand the mindset of the sponsors and do something in return if you really get to go to events/movies for free as a blogger in the future.

About the Charged Magazine in Hong Kong, i have not much details about it and i'm still new to it but it is an interesting magazine to me. Will download the next issue when it comes out.

You might find it interesting as well, after all its free, so no harm downloading it. =)

Website of the magazine.

*fellow Malaysian bloggers, do think about what i say.....


Shaun said...

good one. "some" fugly chick call bloggers like us as unheard voices. when we had write-up on F&N Freestylz. ish


Aronil said...

whooaaaa you got into a magazine and personal request by editor sumore :) fwah fwah

3POINT8 said...

So, i guess I'm obliged to blog about blogger,, and master internet every now and then.
Cool~~~ I know what to blog now.
Btw, congrats on your invitation to be featured in a few magazines. Guess I can someday leech on your fame. makes 1 reason to keep in touch with you eh?

The Faux Fashionista said...

Completely agree with you!

Really, there's no free lunch in this world. Its really like if someone invites you to a party, you bring the booze kinda thing...only instead of bringing happy juice you need to write about the event in return.

Like c'mon seriously? You (referring to nobody in particular) think people invite you cos you're such a biggie meh? Answer is no. You should be flattered that they chose you out of the millions of bloggers out there because your blog caters to their audience or suits their product (or both). So you should be real nice and return the favor and everybody is happy.

Which is why I think you're happy, because having someone formally credit you for your work gives a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Just my two cents ;)

Sonnie said...


In the Philippines, we have been enjoying these freebies, hmmm, about 5 years now-- Bloggers conference, Philippine Blog Awards, Blog Parties, Food Trip, Nature Trip, Political Forums etc.

But no one can compel us to write or blog about it, otherwise, we will construe this as payment, if not bribe, advertisers here knew we are not or sale.

We are sensitive when our freedom to express our thoughts will either curtailed or bought.

Yes, we have the option to blog about the event. But they can not tell us what to write, we can even criticize the sponsor, if that is such a lousy event.

Anyway, these activities help the companies in their below the line campaign. The buzz it will create, and the viral effect when the event is talked about and link loved.

Jeffro said...

WOOT! Now ain't that COOL!!! getting your name and site published in HongKong magazine!

Btw, I do agree with ya.. Bloggers should do their part in exchange for all the free passes.. I know I would!

*thumbs up!*

joshuaongys said...

> shaun : saw that, speechless

> aronil : aiiiii *blush* dun la lidat..... ><

> 3point8 : hahahaa now u know what to blog den blog more often!!! its not an invitation to be featured in a few magazines larr =X jz a small link to credit me and my frens dats all.. and i wont be famous la... ><

> the faux fashionista : thanks!! well said =) so lets hope that bloggers around do their job after going to a certain event and credit those related parties. and well, the credits are to me and my friends la, not only me.. thats what makes me happier =)

> soonie : THANKS!!!

and wow, thats quite interesting on the blogosphere there in Philippines. I'm looking forward to how is Malaysia blogosphere going to be!! quite interesting info.. really... =)

> jeffro : its just a very small credit la haa.. not being featured =)

and i'm glad that you understand what i mean in this post. Do blog more yea =)

pinaywife said...

that's cool! keep bloggin'

joshuaongys said...

> pinaywife : thanks!! yeaps i will heehhe =)

Sasha said...

i got blog about events.. BUTTTTT... i never get invites =((

which fugly chick Shaun's referring to? You can't call her chick if she's fugly. Is it the bitch whom I called out to @ Urbanscapes?? HAHAH! damn syiok. i went "BITCH" then she turned around. LOL!!!!

joshuaongys said...

> sasha : lol do those blog posts and submit to nuffnang earlier then u'll get the invites lor... =)

lolx dat u hv to refer to shaun hahaha

Johnny Ong said...

its just professional in responding with a blog post of the event that sponsored u

joshuaongys said...

> johnny ong : yeaps thats what bloggers should do nowadays...

curryegg said...

You must be very proud of this..

Glad to hear this from you... Hehehe... ;)

joshuaongys said...

> curryegg : not to say i'm proud la, im just happy =) hehehe

thank you anyway!!

Jay Oatway said...

Thanks again for the pictures. I think they made the story look fantastic.

I'm glad to see lots of positive responses on your success.

I've mailed you a hard copy of the magazine. Watch for it in the post.

Best Regards,
Jay Oatway
Charged Magazine

joshuaongys said...

> jay oatway : You're welcome!! Eh, i thought that the article was a good one!!

ahhh its not consider as MY success, its not even a success bah hahahaha just having links posted thats all..but still, thanks to you!! =)

oh yea, i'll be looking forward in getting the hardcopy of the magazine in my mailbox.. THANKS AGAIN!!!

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