Monday, June 23, 2008

driving by a familiar road

It was the same day as the day i participated in KLX.

I was around Bangsar waiting for time to pass before i head to Maison.

i drove to this familiar road

stopping by this building where i used to stop by and wait for someone

i don't know what to think

my brain went blank

things have been in a mess recently, in recent months...

i miss her...


Aronil said...

awww i feel for you man. it's ok, it's only a memory, but life goes on. I hope the memories u have are more so happy..

Simon Seow said...

I used to drive by that road a lot too when The Nurse was still studying in Pantai Medical.

Baldwin said...

we all do go through 'familiar roads/places' at some point of our lives, but well, it's wht they call life experiences.

Look forward to better things to come bro =)

joshuaongys said...

> aronil : thanks =)

> simon seow : the nurse?? ur ex gf?? who?? lolx

> baldwin : lolx i'm fine lar jz some thoughts =)

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