Tuesday, June 24, 2008

review on Prom Night

This movie is a horror movie, don't get fooled by the name of the movie. Just like me. o.O

The movie is all about



and Donna.

She had a nightmare experience of her life when she witness her family being slaughter by her own teacher/lecturer who was so obsess of her.

After that, time did its job and helped her recover.

then, she have a boyfriend

and its their final year of high school. They went to the prom night of their high school with a bunch of close friends.

not knowing that the murderer of Donna's family escaped from prison.

What happened next was quite predictable.

Part of Donna's friends got killed one by one.

and even Donna's boyfriend was one of the victim.

and of course, the murderer was caught.

You ask me, what i think about this movie, frankly speaking, i do not fancy horror movie. I would rather pay to watch other genre of movies than horror ones. But i got to watch this movie for free, so no complaints. =)

The movie is just so so only.

My Rating for this movie is 5/10


soon said...

mmm~, the movie quite interesting.

oOFooi said...

Same goes here. I don't like watching horror movie at cinema. For me, I think is waste of money for a horror. Apply to me la.. :)

joshuaongys said...

> soon : you watch already ar??

> oofooi : lolx same lor, i would rather pay for other genre of movies hhehehee

renaye said...

haha.. thank god u watched it for free. i won't even pay a cent for this movie knowing this movie's plot development is weak and nothing new unless we are talking bout R L Stine's halloween party story.

joshuaongys said...

> renaye : haha yea good thing i didn't pay for it hehehehe if not i might be cursing while going out of the cinema ><

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