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KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - Malaysia, which has never won an Olympic gold medal, is offering a bonus of one million ringgit (307,000 dollars) to any athlete who can bring home the top prize from this year's Beijing Games.

Najib said silver medallists would win 300,000 ringgit, and 100,000 ringgit for bronze. Members of gold medal-winning teams would receive at least 150,000 ringgit.

Incentives for Paralympic athletes have also been lifted to 300,000 ringgit for a gold medal, 200,000 for silver and 100,000 for bronze.
WALAO EHHHHHHH... with the fuel hike issue and then now....



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acura said...

Don't worry i think they are pretty confident that they won't have to pay out the money hehe

Sportsman said...

Still thinking money can solve our athletes' mindset problems, while it's been always politics being the major crippling factor behind the management of our national sports people.

GnomeFan said...

dont worry la..
the Malaysian govenment wont have to give out cash to these athletes. They're competing internationally, can a malaysian athlete win medals?? I dont think so! :P


mckhoii said...

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NoktahHitam said...

I think its worth it. RM 1 mil compared to the effort put to compete in olympic. Competing in state level is already difficult, what more the world stage. The amount of training, abandoned kids & family, work, etc. They've sacrificed a lot for nations sake. It's justifiable.

A friend of mine played rugby for Malaysia. He broke is ankle, all that he got was free medical fees. The injury is permanent, which mean he'll have problem working.

1 Million, hit the jackpot then can retire for life.

RealGunners said...

u actually blogged about it earlier than me.. i also blogged about this topic, after i saw the news in sportscenter just now :)

Ohkulala said...

rm1 million is ridiculous. wat happened to semangat kenegaraan and serving the country with honour. instead of giving one million, the gov should give sportsmen consistent incentives, not one lump sums like this!!

Vincent said...

RM 1 mil isn't enough for Malaysian Athletes. Government should give more like RM 3 mil for gold medalist, RM 2 mil for Silver medalist and RM 1 mil for Bronze medalist. BTW whatever the amount promised, government just talk for fun because deep down in their heart they know the money would still be in the bank come end of Beijing Olympic. Can Malaysia win their first ever gold medal in Beijing? Judge youself.

Just let them talk chicken!

andrew said...

lol!! i agree with acura... lol

joshuaongys said...

> acura : hahaha i get your point, maybe thats why they speak so loudly to give out 1 mil to gold medalist la..

> sportsman : nicely said, do you have a blog? if yes, then why not blog about it and state your view. but then again, this problem have been around for soooo many years and its hard to really for a change to come in...

> gnomefan : LOLX NOW I'm HOPING FOR EVERY MALAYSIANS TO GET GOLD MEDAL!!! see how malaysia pay them hahaha

> noktahhitam : well, you've got your point there, but many other Msian citizen did many thing for Malaysia as well i believe... be it in other field and not sports.. do they get RM 1 mil? 1mil is just too much lar.. jz my POV.. ><

> realgunners : hahaha yea i saw your post on innit hehehe

> ohkulala : oh yes i agree on how you say this, govt should give consistent incentives to those athletes.. giving credits and certain amount of money to gold/silver/bronze medalists is alrite lar buthen 1mil is really too much la..

> vincent : lolx i just love your last sentence, just let them talk chicken hahaha but how come chicken?? cant it be duck or cow or other animal?? ><

> andrew : hahaha me too!! ROFLMAO.. so bad la we all.. =)

Johnny Ong said...

if that's the case, we make sure they pay it when lee chong wei wins the gold medal (this is the only hope)

joshuaongys said...

> johnny ong : how can we make sure dat they have paid even if chong wei wins the gold medal?? haha

Vincent said...


Let's be a bit careful with the use of words.

What do you call a "Male" Chicken?
Answer: C**k

Hehe.... that's why I always use chicken talk! Kaka....

joshuaongys said...

> vincent : owhhhhhhh NOW I UNDERSTOOD!! hahah good one!!

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