Sunday, April 15, 2007

PC Fair Work Day 2

nothing much to blog about actually, but i still insist on blogging bout it lolz..

reach the convention centre around 10am... have a short briefing at 10.30am...

was switch to another booth.. from Zcom(102) to BESS(241)... well no much difference i cant say... still selling printers hehe

pictures taken at my booth..

the crowd was obviously more than yesterday

well the day ended around 9pm plus

there was a short meeting after that..

came home around 10.30pm++

met people like vickie, cathy, kenneth and etc.. bump into too much people lolz haha..

k thats all for now... i shall take more pics tomorrow!!!

how nice i have one of those IXUS 850... zzzz

oh yea!! before i end this post... there's this chess thingy going in PC fair as well..

do check it

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