Saturday, April 28, 2007

After PC fair ==> BBQ Party

we have this BBQ party @ Aman Puri - Gavin's house..

Gavin is our TaiKor in charge of hiring people to work for Canon in the PC fair a few weeks ago...

anyway, after fetchin tricia and yauwei.. we reached Gavin's place at around 7.30pm

its quite early as not much people arrive yet at that moment..

soon, people came, there are around 20 people if i'm not mistaken

from all the 40++people working in PC fair, more than half appear...

it was quite an enjoyable BBQ party... at least i didnt get bored... lolz

people chit chatting around

people drinking..

people playing cards and the one who lose shall drink!!

there goes another night of my life before i further my studies studying adv diploma

YUM!!!! Cheers!!

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