Thursday, April 12, 2007

Canon Product Training Day2

Didnt get to sleep because Andy came around 6.20am

we came to this place to take our breakfast

reached peremba square around 8.50am where there is this canon tower there..

the session started around 9.30am because there are some late comers...


i kept talking with andy through a paper we wrote down our conversations and we kept laughing here and there because erm.... i shall not say it here..

AT LAST!!! we have our lunch break from 1pm-2pm

we continue the session later on with 4 person demonstration how to interact with customers... ><

the seniors

the newbies

there's this new printer coming up soon which is IP1880

well its cool to me =)

susan showing us how to operate one of the printers..

the whole session ended around 6pm..

went to midvalley to meet up with someone..

this was our dinner



well.. reach home around 11.30pm..

was exhausted by then... went to sleep around 12.30am... Zzzzz

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