Wednesday, December 06, 2006

shopping = girls??

+something to think about+

i want to go ar!!! who want to "teman" me?? lolz

yesterday around 5.30pm i went to 1 utama with steven and supz....

with only one purpose, which is going to Giordano to buy clothes


because we knew that after 7pm, there will be a 45% discount on the items sell in Giordano....

and i think.. its only appicable for the Giordano shops in Midvalley and 1Utama

anyway we came out from Giordano with 2 big bags of clothes

which sums up to

Rm 411.40

well guys, i'm not cheating you all, there is really a 45% on the items.. as u can see in the bill

Total discount = 336.600

hmm so, i guess now when people talk about shopping, its not only girls girls girls, guys do go shopping also and buy many stuffs at the same time....

and what are you waiting for?? go to the Giordano in either MidValley or 1Utama to get your hands on 45% discounted stuffs!!!

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