Thursday, November 09, 2006

what a dissapointing night

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FINALLY!! i got my hands on Need For Speed : Carbon!!!!

wednesday night we will usually plan and play basketball together at a basketball court in kepong....

around 8.30pm, i was happy seeing that its not raining....

reached there around 9pm.... and well, found out that we DO NOT HAVE keys to on the lights around the court..

*the keys is with one aunty and that aunty went out that night and we asked her family about the keys and they have no idea about it

FINE, went all the way to SriBintang basketball court, 8 cars altogether drove there....

and when we reached there, suddenly... Ah Zun said that the people over there found the keys....

so, we went back to the court..

its around 9.30pm.... and to our surprise what happened???

it rain, thats so enjoyable and fun playing "hide and seek" going here and there and end up cannot play basketball

at the end, we just "YamCha" at a nearby mamak stall...

sigh, what a dissapointing night~

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