Thursday, November 30, 2006

guys and dota

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just staring at the sky alone
during a clear night can be
extremely comfortable and peaceful

i guess most of the people around know what is dota

if you really dont know whats that, you can easily google the word dota or go to wikipedia and search for dota and you will know

anyway, thats not my main point

all these years i've heard complaints about boyfriends ignoring girlfriends because of dota, either from the girls themselves or some of my guy friends complaining to me

well, actually its quite a small matter, guys going to cyber cafes playing dota with friends and enjoying themselves

i dont see the point girls finding a quarrel with their boyfriends or being moody/sad/down because their boyfriends go and play dota..

if not what you expect? your boyfriend going out clubbing with friends and end up knowing a new girl and dump you?

i'm not here to offend those who go clubbing, but well you cant deny that going clubbing waste more money than going to cyber cafes...

even if they dont get to know other girls, they would have a few drinks and get themselves drunk and what then....

and then this might happen.. a car accident

but of course there are exceptions

those guys who play dota whole day long and ignore their gfs 24 hours a day, they deserve scolding from their gfs then...

and i do personally know one guy who played too much of computer games and thus have negative influence on his studies... and end up failing his stpm.. 2 whole years wasted....

and for your information,

i was scolded and went into quarrel with someone a few times all because i played dota...

the guy who failed stpm is the brother of the person who quarrel with me

well that was the past and its over...


no, i would say STUPID!!!

not to the one who quarrel with me, to the one who failed his stpm...

at least i was not so stupid to fail my diploma, i didnt get distinction but i maintain my cgpa so that i can continue getting my ptptn loan and i end up graduating my diploma passing with Merit!!!!

*maybe my main point is not guys and dota huh, is just to let go the anger in me.... lolz... whatever

^^ God Bless

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